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Nickname that Eevee!

Submit your nicknames for Eevee, and we’ll rate them in a follow-up article!

Continuing our series of Eevee-themed articles, we turn to the first of our nicknaming series!

Many people like to give their Pokémon nicknames, especially within the games. There’s even a Non-Playable Character (NPC) known as the Name Rater within each game, who allows players to change the nicknames of Pokémon. Sadly, he doesn’t rate nicknames very well, simply proclaiming all names as good upon renaming, or stating someone else’s nickname is too amazing to be changed. We’ve challenged him to be more critical, so he’s kindly agreed to give his thoughts on what names you can come up with!

But what is his real name?
But what is his real name?

Let us know what nicknames you think suit an Eevee in the comments below, and in a follow up article the Name Rater will provide his feedback! You can provide serious and joke suggestions as well; just keep it appropriate. Don’t provide nicknames for any of its evolutions just yet though; we’ll cover those in later articles.

While the Name Rater is a fictional character, names WILL be rated! He’ll try to get to every one submitted.