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The Name Rater: Eevee Nicknames!

The Name Rater gives his thoughts on the names offered up by members of the PokéCommunity for Eevee.

Welcome, all! I am the Name Rater. You may call me that, as I am unable to remember my own name. But that’s not important. I’ve got this new gig here on PokéCommunity Daily, and I believe you submitted some names for me to cast judgement upon! And for Eevee, no less. That’s a pretty cute Pokémon! I believe you all have kind and thoughtful names for this bundle of fur. Let’s get to it!

My nickname for Eevee would be: “Indecisive Freak”.


That… That’s not a very nice name, I feel. I suppose Eevee may be ‘indecisive’, because of all the ways it can evolve, but ‘freak’ tends to have negative connotations to it. No, I don’t think your Eevee would appreciate that.

I nicknamed my Eevee “Bunnelby” because Bunnelby is everything Eevee wants to be and more.

But… well, that’s a bit mean to it as well, isn’t it? Sure, I guess Bunnelby may be stronger, but… well, Eevee is not a rabbit, even if it has big ears. And not everyone can be a Ground type upon evolving, even if this is Eevee we’re talking about…

Goodness, tough crowd to begin with.

Name it Eevee but backwards! …Wait.

Palindromes don’t always work out, I’m afraid!

Ebenezer Tallywackle Jr. III. Tallywackle for short.

Tallywackle… that is a fun name to say, I feel. Why the Third though?

I’m glad you offered the shorter form however! You see, there’s the character limit of 14 nowadays, and frankly the original form is very long. Imagine giving it an instruction in a battle! By the time you’ve said “Ebenezer Tallywackle Jr. the Third, use Tackle!”, it’d have been beaten up. Maybe by a Bunnelby. So yes, I approve of the shorthand for regular use.

I had an Eevee named Baxter. It’s a Syleveon now though… But that’s besides the point.

That is besides the point. My point is that Baxter sounds like a nice enough name. Maybe more suiting of a male Eevee, but then most Eevee are males anyway.

My Nickname for eevee will be: ‘Principium’ (as for ‘Start’ in Latin, Because, ya know, Eevee is the start of many branch evolution, and ‘Principium’ itself is pretty Majestic)

Ah, an educated nickname, I must say! I quite like this one, and it certainly fits Eevee well. Well done there, and a lot nicer than names with ‘Freak’.

I’d give it the name “Natural” because uh, it’s a neutral force that adapts to whatever surroundings it’s exposed to.

Eevee isn’t a neutral force, it’s a cute force! I suppose I can get your reasoning though, given it does like to adapt to its environment.

Someone I know gave Sylveon the name Lelouch which is actually quite cool.

Oh… but this is about Eevee, not Slyveon-

Then call your Eevee Lelouch.

But… I don’t have an Eevee. I should ask that Bill fellow for one… But I digress – that is fair enough. I suppose if you are set on a Slyveon, you can give it a nickname already suiting for its final form. Just be careful though. Eevee can evolve into something else at a moment’s notice.

I like to call it Dragonslayer or Lucy (after FT) if it´s a girl.

What is a FT? Is it a television show? I am afraid I may not know of all the things you young kids are into these days. I presume you also plan on a Slyveon with the name Dragonslayer, but do be careful with such violent names. If you also use a Dragon type on your team for instance, it may take a disliking to your Eevee or Slyveon!

Nickname that Eevee…. Gatorade.

Ah, after the energy drink? Are you a sponsor? I wish I was sponsored. Please consider sponsoring me, the Name Rater, and also visit my Kickstarter! I am seeking aid for my quest to rediscover my own name!

…Oh yes, the nickname for Eevee, sorry. That is an amusing option, given all the different and brightly coloured flavours the drink comes in. Not a bad idea! But please make sure you keep those drinks away from Eevee. They’re fairly energetic and you don’t want them getting too excited.

Neckfluff. It has lots of that. Or….fluffy. xD
Well I don’t-actually, yes, it does have a lot of neck fluff. So much fluff. Fluffy is generally considered a less unique name however, especially as you could apply it to a lot of other Pokémon as well.

My personal suggestions!

DNA – it sure has a strange and volatile one!
Darwin – the evolution Pokémon relates well to one of the experts of evolution.
Janus – also the name of a Roman god of beginnings and transitions!
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