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#FeatureFriday: Glaceon Fanworks

Here’s a… cool collection of the Ice-type Eeveelution!

In our next returning episode of #FeatureFriday, we’re highlighting fanworks of Glaceon! It’s one of the generation four Eeveelutions, many added as an evolution of a previous generation Pokémon. We have both fanart and a drabble (100 word-long story) on showcase for Glaceon.


Evolution Dilemmas

She shivered. This jacket was too flimsy, and the wind and snow bit her exposed face. But they finally made it – the Ice Rock. It seemed to radiate cold. While some grass managed to grow even in this snowstorm, none lived anywhere near the object.

She summoned her Eevee. It squeaked at the cold, then stared at the Ice Rock.

And stared.

After some minutes of this, the Trainer grumbled and consulted her Pokédex. Was there something else that needed to be done…?

A whimpering cry distracted her. She looked up and saw her Eevee had licked the Ice Rock.

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