Pokémon Presents July 2022 – Summary

Pokémon turning into gems, Mewtwo becoming a cook and much more revealed in today’s Pokémon Presents!

Hooray, it’s Pokémon Presents day! After an uncharacteristically dry spell of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet news, we finally get some more information (along with a plethora of other Pokémon news) in today’s Pokémon Presents. Here’s a summary of what we found out today:

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Off the bat, we have the region name confirmed as Paldea! With that we’ve also had snapshots of a diverse variety of locales, including busy cities, rolling mountains and rural towns!

It is also confirmed that the mascot legendaries are used as your method of transport, in which they can change form to adapt to the terrain they’re traversing. Whilst studying at the Naranja (Scarlet)/Uva (Violet) Academy, you will go along the standard 8-Gym route, however this only one of THREE paths you can take in the game. You also do not follow a set order to complete these Gyms, they can be done in any order. Multiplayer in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has been confirmed, with the ability to play co-operatively with others!

We saw some new characters unveiled today as well, including the following:

    • Clavell – the Director of the Academy you will be attending.
    • Jacq – one of the teachers at the Academy, he teaches Biology and is also your homeroom teacher.
    • Arven – another person from the academy, an upper-class person with a penchant for cooking.
    • Penny – another Academy student who is shy.
    • Grusha – one of the Gym leaders of the Paldea Region, Grusha is an Ice-type Gym Leader.

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Pokémon both new and old were revealed in today’s Pokémon Presents as well, including:

  • Paldean Wooper – a new form of Wooper and confirmation that regional forms exist in these games.
  • Fidough – a Fairy Type Pokemon, similar to a small dog (hence the name sounding like Fido, a name associated heavily with dogs).
  • Cetitan – A large Ice Type Pokémon, it has a horn that can freeze its surroundings.

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Last but not least, the game’s new battle mechanic has been revealed. Pokémon can now Terastallize – Pokémon shine like gems and gain new forms and Types. This is available to ALL Pokémon, boosting moves and changing Types. For example, Pikachu can have a Tera Type of Flying when it Terastallizes. Each Pokémon has a Tera Type they will generally have (normally their existing Type), but this is NOT limited to one Type per Pokémon, so you can catch three Pokémon all with potentially different Tera Types. Rare Tera Types appear in Tera Raid battles, which can be done co-operatively with up to 3 other Trainers (a use for the multiplayer functions!), all done in real time! A pre-order bonus has been confirmed to be a Pikachu with Flying Tera Type and the move Fly.

A rather royal Eevee enters the fray!

Pokémon Unite

Firstly, Pokémon Unite has been confirmed as an event at the upcoming Pokémon World Championships in London this month! New Pokémon and features have been confirmed for Pokémon Unite, including events such as the new Quick Battle type, Pikachu Party! In this mode, EVERYONE plays as Pikachu! Buzzwole has been confirmed as an addition to the roster as of today, with the ultimate move Beast Boost, which boosts its movement and attack speed temporarily after each KO. Unite licences and new Holowear for Pokémon such as Pikachu and Lucario have also been confirmed.

Party with Pikachu throughout August on Pokémon Unite!

Pokémon Café Remix

Mewtwo makes its return to Pokémon Café Remix! Do well in the One-Minute Cooking game and you’ll recruit Mewtwo as a member of your staff! Get those staff trained up and get mixing to rack up those combos and get this psychic behemoth in your roster! Also, with Latias releasing today, Latios has been confirmed to be appearing very soon and a new event has been added where you can obtain Victini AND Latias!

Mewtwo returns for round 2 in Pokémon Café Remix!

Pokémon GO

A Pokémon GO competition has been unveiled at the World Championships as an event! Ultra Beasts have been confirmed as Raid Bosses at the Pokémon GO Fest events across the world, with the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin-Sky confirmed as a reward for completing challenges.

Fight one of the fearsome Ultra Beasts at a Pokémon GO Fest near you!

Quite a lot of stuff packed in for 20 minutes! Was there anything that stood out to you today in particular? Let us know!

Edited by bobandbill and Tsutarja.