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Koraidon’s wheely weird look

Don’t get your school clothes in a knot – Koraidon’s running actually kinda makes sense!

Koraidon and Miraidon are the two box Legendaries of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and they double as the Ride Pokémon as well. The pair have some clear inspiration on motorcycles in their designs, and this was further established in their reveal as fulfilling the “Ride Pokémon” role in the generation nine titles. You could use Miraidon as a motorcycle, or even a boat or glider. While the same was almost true for Scarlet’s representative in Koraidon, however, instead of having wheels, it ran.

Not a bike.

And it sure has a running style, as showcased in the above animation.

Many people found it silly, and somewhat odd that it would do that instead of using its wheels. So what’s going on? The truth is… those aren’t actually wheels that Koraidon has!

Hello, ladies.

The front ‘wheel’ is part of its throat, or more specifically its dewlap sack, a flap of skin beneath the head and neck of some lizards. Lizards with a dewlap sack can use it to intimidate other lizards or potential predators, or even attract mates. We’re unsure if ones that look like wheels are more attractive, however. That aside, it’s merely a part of Koraidon’s lizard body.

The other ‘wheel’ is its tail, simply curled up – it’s clear from this particular shot on the right from the  Pokémon Presents video, if you look closely, and especially if you compare it to its character art. It merely looks like a wheel, but it hasn’t turned into one.

There’s a line showing how the tail has curled up.

And this makes sense, when one considers their names and the early themes Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have demonstrated. Koraidon and Miraidon have a clear theme in their names: Koraidon (Korai; ancient, old) and Miraidon (Mirai; future). This past and future idea is coupled with the region’s Professor – Scarlet’s Professor in Sada has her name come from “pa(sada)” (“left behind” or “no longer in”; feminine – “past” being the masculine wording), and her outfit has obvious caveman-esque features. Regarding wheels… well, we do not have physical evidence for their existence prior to the Copper age.

One thing we can’t explain is why it has both a dewlap that looks like a wheel, and a tail that mimics one as well. Perhaps it is more aerodynamic in the case of the tail? This seems unlikely – a straight tail would work better there. The official SV site does however give us the following:

Swimming Build Koraidon

Koraidon floats by making its throat into a flotation device, and it propels itself by spreading a membrane between its toes and paddling through the water.

This indicates that some thought has gone into how its body works in all aspects as a Ride Pokémon.

Perhaps it is based on – and hence related to another yet-to-be-revealed Pokémon, and so too is Miraidon, which serves as the futuristic version of a third creature? We’ve seen Legendary trios before (e.g. Rayquaza to Groudon and Kyogre, or Kyurem to Reshiram and Zekrom). Koraidon is the prehistoric version of it, and Miraidon the futuristic one. That’s just speculation, however. Maybe the designers of these two Legendaries just really wanted to highlight the motorcycle inspiration in both designs, for better or worse, and that has resulted in its somewhat silly presentation when riding it on land.

What do you make of Koraidon’s weird running? Do you prefer Miraidon’s wheels, or are you fine with the old Flintstones’ method of transportation?

Edited by Sheep and Zach.