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26 Puzzles to test your detective skills

In the mood to solve some puzzles in the Pokémon world? Check this compilation of Daily Puzzles from the PokéCommunity Get-Together 2021!

Fancy some brain-teasers? We’ve compiled the puzzles from the PokéCommunity Get-Together 2021, an annual event that takes place in our forums where users gather around to participate in some fun events hosted by the community! These range from finding impostors among Leavanny to fitting ice blocks together. Take your time to think on each puzzle, then check the next page for their solutions. You can try solving all of them in one go, or keep tabs with both pages. Sounds simple, right? Without further ado, here are the puzzles!

Puzzle #001 — The Forest Tailors

Furfrou from the forest always go to Leavanny to get their hair trimmed. But, a sneaky Ditto decided to use Transform on Leavanny plotting to mess up everyone’s cuts!
Leavanny is the only one who’s good at trimming and tailoring for others in the forest, so the only way to find out who’s the real one is by having Leavanny do what it’s good at!
Looking at the final results, which of them is the real Leavanny? Left or right?

Puzzle #002 — Suspicious Shadows

One day, Clefable noticed a strange thing while strolling around at night…

It has four shadows when there should be only one!
What!? What’s going on!?
To make things worse, the shadows “talk” among themselves, making Clefable unable to sleep. Poor Clefable…
There’s only one solution to this. Find Clefable’s real shadow to dispel the fakes!
Only one of them is real…

Puzzle #003 — Target Practice

Little Pumpkaboo wants to help catch the bad Pokémon, so it’s doing some Target Practice!
A target divided into sections worth 5, 35, 40, 75, and 100 points was carved on a tree. Pumpkaboo used Bullet Seed and shot 5 times, scoring 100 points.
How many times did it manage to shoot each point section?

Puzzle #004 — Candle Friends

Litwick’s been lonely inside an abandoned mansion, so it lit 11 real candles to try and fill the hole in its heart.

A strong breeze blew in through an open window and extinguishes two of them. Once Litwick took notice of that, one more candle had gone out thanks to the wind too. To save its remaining buddies, Litwick shut the window. The remaining candles hadn’t to worry about the wind. Satisfied, Litwick fell asleep for a few hours.
Now that the wind can’t extinguish any more candles, how many candles does Litwick have when it wakes up?
Litwick itself doesn’t count.

Puzzle #005 — Berry Thief

A Drilbur stole Diglett’s berries!

Thankfully you’re around to help. There’s three holes ahead, and you know Drilbur dug one of them to get away.
Between A, B and C, which of the holes should Diglett dive in to find Drilbur and recover its berries?

Puzzle #006 — Hit And Run

An ill-intentioned Kecleon’s been hitting everyone and then turning invisible, making it really hard to teach it a lesson.
But it made a mistake.

Its only escape route this time was going onto one of those boats. If you can find which one it’s in, it may just stop annoying the others.
Which of the boats has Kecleon on it?

Puzzle #007 — Big Poffin, Little Poffin

The Slurpuff A, B and C each ate one of three differently sized Poffins.
There’s small, medium and large sized Poffins.
A: “C ate the medium size, and B had the large one.”
B: “A had the large size, and I had the medium one.”
A and B have each made one statement that is true and another that is false.
Can you work out who ate which size?

Puzzle #008 — Bridge Prints

You found a decisive clue that pointed you to the right track, but the mischievous Pokémon already ran away!

Pursuing them led you to a bridge at the side of a river. The ground’s all muddy, so you can see the footprints left by all Pokémon who have been here recently.
None of them seem to have the same pair of footprints.
It’s clear only the mischievous Pokémon would’ve left the prints here recently in their getaway.
So, looking at all these prints, can you tell the number of Pokémon that crossed the bridge?

Puzzle #009 — Neat Orbs

These four Minccino found some pretty orbs. These orbs are colored Green, Red, Blue and Pink. As they’re thinking about cleaning them until they’re the shiniest, they notice they’re seeing different things after crouching to observe them from really close.
1. Viewed from the north, the Blue Orb is right of the Pink Orb and the Red Orb is left of the Green Orb.
2. From the east, the Red Orb is right of the Blue Orb.
3. From the south, the Pink Orb is left of the Green Orb.
4. From the west, the Green Orb is on the far right, the Pink Orb is on the far left and two orbs lie between them.
Can you work out their arrangement?

Puzzle #010 — Brawling Pangoro

Six Pangoro, numbered 1 to 6, walk in a circle around the forest.

Each of these Pangoro will fight the one next to them to prove their strength if their number is directly below or above them.
Also, Pangoro 3 and 5 had a dispute earlier over some Sitrus Berries, so they absolutely cannot walk next to each other.
The strongest Pangoro (Pangoro 1) walks at the front, while the others fill in the other positions in the circle.
Can you fit in the Pangoro in positions where no one hurts anyone?

Puzzle #011 — Mischievous Rivalry

Meowth and Rattata have some ongoing rivalry, but Meowth always have the upper hand.
Five Meowth can catch five Rattata in five minutes.
With that in mind, how many Meowth does it take to catch 100 Rattata in 100 minutes?

Puzzle #12 — Rapidash Dashing

One day, four Rapidash took part in a racing competition. First they held races of two, then the winners raced against each other, while the losers battled for third.

A: “I won one race and lost another.”
B: “I didn’t make it to the final!”
C: “I’m just glad I beat A.”
D: “If only I hadn’t lost to B…”
Can you work out the order of the Top 3 and the loser based on the comments above?

Puzzle #13 — No Poffin

While the Slurpuff A and B were distracted arguing about their Poffins, their Big Poffin was eaten!

Both Slurpuff are too sad to think right now, so it’s up to you to find who’s the sneaky Pokémon to stop their mischievousness!
You approached the three Pokémon near the scene of the crime. Each of them said:
Munchlax: “Me? I ate it. Soo delicious!”
Patrat: “I saw Munchlax eat that Poffin!”
Slurpuff C: “Patrat and I didn’t eat the Poffin.”
One of these Pokémon is lying to you, but which one is it?

Puzzle #14 — Spinara-ttack

Oh no! Klefki dropped one of its precious keys into a pit!
Klefki would retrieve it, but it’s frightened by the Spinarak coming up the poles. Since you think the key is important to Klefki, you decide to help it!

The Spinarak will move to a string any chance they get while still moving upwards.
They somehow manage to never bump into each other, but if they bump into you, you’ll be in trouble!
Which of the marked spots is the only safe place to descend to retrieve the key while avoiding the Spinarak as they climb out?

Puzzle #15 — Earth-Splitting Shadow

Someone really mischievous has been messing up the forest’s ground!
Wherever they walked would be messy as if an earthquake had just happened, so no one could walk there, including itself.
It’s about time to stop them before they cause any more troubles, and in order to do that, you need to figure out its exact path.
Three Patrat were watching it in different spots and managed to see it. You can get a pretty good clue of its path just from their accounts mentioning the directions it went below:

Knowing it started at the bottom left and ended up at top right, can you trace the path the mysterious mischievous Pokémon took?

Puzzle #16 — Frozen Solid

A mischievous Pokémon froze Charizard!

Charizard takes care of the Charmander in the forest, so they’re really trying to find a way to defrost it before it gets worse.
One Charmander can use its tail’s hot flame to melt 40g of ice each second.
With Charizard frozen in 20000 g of ice, what’s the minimum number of Charmander that are necessary to defrost it?

Puzzle #17 — Counting Mareep

Ever since many Pokémon became mischievous, Komala has been having a hard time sleeping…
It then had the idea of counting Mareep!

Sadly, that didn’t work out. It even started counting them in different ways. When it counted Mareep three at a time, there would be one left over. When it counted four at a time, there would be two left over. When it counted them five at a time, there would be four left over. And when it counted them seven at a time, there would be two left over.
Can you figure out how many Mareep there are?

Puzzle #18 — Earth-Splitting Shadow 2

You found the whereabouts of the mischievous shadow!
You’re right near the entrance to the lake all clues led you to.
Just like before, this shadow destroys anywhere it walks on, so you need to be careful to proceed harmless.

The shadow took the longest route from top left to bottom right.
Remembering that it cannot walk anywhere it has already walked, what’s the route that the shadow took?

Puzzle #19 — Catching Up

Pumpkaboo and Clefable want to help too!

They decided running would be best to catch up with you. Clefable sets off first, and Pumpkaboo starts running when Clefable has ran one hundred meters. Clefable runs at one meter per second, and Pumpkaboo runs at two meters per second.
They start from the same spot, travel the same route and neither turns back at any point.
What is the minimum number of seconds it would take Pumpkaboo to catch up with Clefable?

Puzzle #20 — Sedentary Color

Each of Smeargle’s paints represent something.

One of these colors is always present every day. You can see Black, Blue and White.
Apparently that color can be seen outside.
Which color is it?

Puzzle #21 — Ancient Door

As you arrive at the lake, you notice the ancient door supposed to guard it.

If you get through here, you’ll find the culprit behind all the mischievous Pokémon!
But to open it, you have to solve a complex mechanism.
The door has three different types of your alarms, functioning like alarm clocks in it. One goes off in response to sound, one goes off in response to light and one goes off in response to vibration.
The doors has also three buttons that each produce one of those effects.
Button A produces sound
Button B produces light
Button C produces vibration
In order to open the door, you need to set off all three alarms by pressing the least number of buttons possible.
Which buttons do you press in which order?

Puzzle #22 — The Forest Tailor 2

Ditto disguised as Leavanny again!

But this time, it’s not alone. You can see nine “Leavanny”. All of them are Ditto, except for the two real Leavanny.
In a short moment after they were done transforming, you caught a crucial glimpse that tells you who’s real and who’s not!
Each of the “Leavanny” is pointing each other to ascertain who’s a friend and who’s not.
The Ditto, who know their friends, are pointing to the real Leavanny. If there’s not a Leavanny adjacent to them, they don’t point anyone.
The Leavanny, unaware of who’s who, will point at anyone, regardless of whether they’re a Leavanny or a Ditto.
Can you figure out which two Leavanny are the real ones?

Puzzle #23 — Lying Shadows

Some Gengar want to play with you!

It’s a game where you have to listen to what they say and figure out who’s lying. There’s a maximum of two liars.
A. There are no liars among us!
B. I am the only one who’s lying.
C. There are two liars among us!
D. Not everyone is lying.
Based on their statements, who’s lying?

Puzzle #24 — Target Practice 2

Clefable and Pumpkaboo have arrived!
With their help, the mischievous Pokémon’s numbers mean nothing against your team.
But Pumpkaboo’s a bit nervous that it might mess up and miss. While trying to comfort it, Clefable suggested Pumpkaboo to imagine the mischievous Pokémon as a target!

This is a bit like how Pumpkaboo’s imagining it.
Pumpkaboo shot Bullet Seed three times, and all of them hit different sections.
What’s the lowest possible score for Pumpkaboo?

Puzzle #25 — Ice Blocks

You found the mischievous shadow!

Turns out it was Mamoswine using Earthquake to mess up the forest. Mamoswine doesn’t seem to be well…
While you were fighting against one of the other mischievous Pokémon, it used an Ice-type attack!
Three ice blocks will attack you from two opposite sides. Each piece from A, B and C will fit with one piece from 1, 2 and 3.
Can you work out which piece fits with which in order to dodge them?

Puzzle #26 — Delibird’s Delivery

Happy holidays! Delibird’s here to celebrate the holidays and spread gifts to all well-behaved Pokémon!

But some naughty Psychic-type Pokémon got mad for not getting any gifts, so they made it harder for Delibird to gift the nice Pokémon with a maze made of Light Screen. There are invisible walls on some squares, but there’s a path where Delibird can safely deliver the nice Pokémon its deserved gift!
You can help Delibird get to the nice Pokémon by assigning each of the four colors, Brown, Pink, Yellow and Blue one command between Move Forward, Jump Forward, Move Left and Move Right.
From Delibird’s point of view, which combination guides it to the nice Pokémon?