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26 Puzzles to test your detective skills

In the mood to solve some puzzles in the Pokémon world? Check this compilation of Daily Puzzles from the PokéCommunity Get-Together 2021!

Solution #001 — The Forest Tailors

The real Leavanny is the one on the Left!
Since usually you don’t trim yourself, they tested their skills on each other. Leavanny is the only one good at trimming and tailoring for others, so if Ditto ever tried to trim or tailor for someone, it’d end up making a mess…just like the Leavanny on the left.
You found the real Leavanny!
But sadly, its outfit is ruined forever now…

Solution #002 — Suspicious Shadows

Some shadows seem to be different from Clefable…
From the left, the second has one spike too many. The third has its ears positioned differently, and the fourth has its legs too far apart. Only the leftmost one matches Clefable accurately.

Now Clefable doesn’t have to worry anymore!

Solution #003 — Target Practice

It hit the 100 points section once.
But it missed all the rest…
Pumpkaboo might want to practice some more.
Who knows if it could miss and hit us instead?

Solution #004 — Candle Friends

Litwick’s been lonely inside an abandoned mansion, so it lit 11 real candles to try and fill the hole in its heart.

The eight candles that manage to stay lit will melt down completely by the time Litwick wakes up.
The only candles that remain in the end are the three that were extinguished by the wind and therefore didn’t melt.
Only three out of 11 were left…Well, it’s fine if Litwick seems happy.

Solution #005 — Berry Thief

The correct hole was A!

But sadly, by the time you got there, the berries were all gone…

Solution #006 — Hit And Run

Kecleon was hidden in Boat 3!

Taking a closer look, it’s obvious that Boat 3 has two Pokémon like Boat 1, as opposite to all others. It’s sunken down a bit.
Now Kecleon won’t bother anyone anymore!

Solution #007 — Big Poffin, Little Poffin

The small sized was eaten by B, the medium sized by C and the large sized by A.
Slurpuff A must have wanted to cover up its greed. It may look unfair for Slurpuff B, but why did it bother to lie?

Solution #008 — Bridge Prints

You found a decisive clue that pointed you to the right track, but the mischievous Pokémon already ran away!

For Pokémon, there’s a few more ways they could’ve crossed the bridge without being known, but since you’re only looking at these prints, you can tell that only 2 Pokémon crossed it.
It’s too much of a coincidence that all these prints before the bridge are fresh. Maybe the mischievous Pokémon should’ve also planted those when they crossed the bridge?

Solution #09 — Neat Orbs

You need to arrange the orbs as shown or a rotation of it:

Clues 1 and 3 tell you the order of the orbs going from north to south.
Clues 2 and 4 tell you the order from west to east.
Now that the confusion is solved, it’s time to make those orbs shinier!

Solution #10 — Brawling Pangoro

Arrange the Pangoro as shown and there shouldn’t be any fights.

You can also horizontally mirror the order and it’ll work just as well!
It’s scary how they fight and are still friends. Or does that show how close they are?
Regardless, it’ll be a peaceful walk for the Pangoro now!

Solution #11 — Mischievous Rivalry

The answer is five Meowth!

Five Meowth can catch five Rattata in five minutes. If they keep catching Rattata for another five minutes, they’ll have caught about 10 Rattata. The same five Meowth catch 10 Rattata in 10 minutes, and 20 Rattata in 20 minutes.
It’s simply a matter of how long they keep catching them!
Are they even rivals if it’s so one-sided?

Solution #12 — Rapidash Dashing

C came in first, A second, B third, and D last.
Sounds like it was a hot race!
Too bad for D…It couldn’t dash fast enough to keep up with the others.

Solution #13 — No Poffin

The liar here is Slurpuff C!

Both Munchlax and Slurpuff C ate the Poffin.
If Munchlax is lying, then both Patrat and Slurpuff C would be liars. If Patrat, who was nearby, was lying about Munchlax eating it, Munchlax would be too, and so would Slurpuff C then. The only one who could lie by itself is Slurpuff C.
What mischief! Looks like Slurpuff C is a real glutton.
But something seems…ominous about Patrat just standing there.

Solution #14 — Spinara-ttack

If you trace all the paths the Spinarak will cross on their way out, you’ll be left with the only safe place to descend to.

The answer is A!

Solution #15 — Earth-Splitting Shadow

It looks as if its path was an S!

Look at bottom right Patrat’s account.
As it turns right, it cannot be the middle Patrat as the shadow would not be able to go to the top left Patrat’s spot.
It also cannot be the top right Patrat’s spot, since if the shadow went straight ahead in the crossroads, there would be no path left where the shadow passed by a Patrat who was on the left.
Afterwards, the rest is easy.

Just what was that shadow?

Solution #16 — Frozen Solid

That’s right! Only one Charmander is necessary!

Alternatively, we could wait ages until the ice melted itself.
Now that you solved this riddle, Charizard should be safe!

Solution #17 — Counting Mareep

There were 394 Mareep in total!
Did you know there was more than two ways you could get to the answer?
There might’ve been more Mareep than Komala saw, but it probably was too tired to be able to count more…

Good night, Komala!

Solution #18 — Earth-Splitting Shadow 2

It looks as if it’s a mirrored S if you squint a bit, doesn’t it?
Now that you know the shadow’s path, it’s time to go to the final area, safely!

Solution #19 — Catching Up

Pumpkaboo and Clefable want to help too!

Their goal is to catch up with you. If you’re only 100 meters away from Clefable, Pumpkaboo will start running when Clefable arrives where you are.
So it’s possible that the minimum time it would take Pumpkaboo to catch up with Clefable is as little as 50 seconds.
Help has arrived!

Solution #20 — Sedentary Color

Each of Smeargle’s paints represent something.

Smeargle’s colors represent the sky.
Black is the night sky, blue is the sky on a clear day, and white is the sky on a cloudy day.
The color of the sky changes depending on the weather, but there is one color that represents something you can see everyday, no matter what the weather is like. That is the black of the night sky.

Solution #21 — Ancient Door

As you arrive at the lake, you notice the ancient door supposed to guard it.

An alarm will go off if any of the three buttons are pressed, so Button A doesn’t need to be pressed since the alarm’s sound will replace it.
Since sound is the vibration of air, Button C doesn’t need to be pressed either, because if any alarm goes off, the door will vibrate.
But the only way to make it light is by pressing the Button B, and that’s the only button you need to press to sound all three alarms.
What’s behind the door?

Solution #22 — The Forest Tailor 2

The real Leavanny are on the top row, in the middle and the right!

If you take into account that Ditto will only point at Leavanny, it’s easy to spot the Leavanny.
None from the bottom row is pointing at themselves or the middle row, so those two rows only have Ditto.
Since most of them are pointing at the top middle, that one has to be a Leavanny, and so has to be the one Leavanny that is pointing at an actual Ditto from the middle row.

Looks like Ditto should’ve thought of a better way to know themselves!

Solution #23 — Lying Shadows

The liars were A and B!
A said that nobody is lying, and B said that one Gengar is lying. They are saying different things, so at least one of them must be lying.
C said that two Gengar are lying. A, B and C are all saying different things, so that means that two or all of them must be lying.
Since there’s a maximum of two liars among the Gengar, that means only two of A, B and C are lying. One of them is telling the truth, which means D was not lying.
B must be one of them, since it would contradict both A and C!
And since B is lying, A’s lying about there being no liars!

You hear the Gengar say they didn’t mean to bother anyone. Can you trust them?
It seems they really enjoyed the games. Looks like they’re not done playing yet!
Maybe you’ll meet again later?

Solution #24 — Target Practice 2

The lowest possible score is 35!

Since the target is a mischievous Pokémon and Pumpkaboo did hit three different sections of it, Pumpkaboo didn’t miss any shot this time.
Outside practice, Pumpkaboo managed to hit when it counted!

Solution #25 — Ice Blocks

A fits with 2, B fits with 3 and C fits with 1!

You managed to dodge Mamoswine’s attack!

Solution #26 — Delibird’s Delivery

This is the correct path!
To get to the nice Pokémon, you must assign Pink to Move Forward, Blue to Jump Forward, Brown to Move Right and Yellow to Move Left.
Now the nice Pokémon gets its gift!
And someone will remain on the naughty list for a while…

And that’s all of the Puzzles! Were they a challenge? And how many did you get right?