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PokéCommunity Get-Together 2021 is here!

PokéCommunity’s Get-Together is back for its 2021 iteration – come join in the fun!

Hey everyone – no Pokémon GO news or anything on the latest releases/rumours unfortunately…

…just an announcement about PokéCommunity’s 2021 Get-Together instead!

That’s right, 2021 may still be very much continuing 2020’s reign of terror but here at PokéCommunity, we’re still determined to carry on with as much normality as we can. That’s why our 19th Get-Together is still going ahead!

From Monday 5th July to Sunday 18th July, be prepared to take on a slew of events, ranging from ensembles of trivia, designing your very own outfit and even writing your own story!

In the spirit of togetherness, participants will find themselves sorted into a team to then buddy up with other users and take everything on together! This year’s theme ties into the ever eternal battle between the Earth, Ocean and Sky, with the GT commemorating the point in which everyone harmonised together and decided to replace conflict with competition! Here’s a historically accurate snippet from our GT Historian gimmepie:

Long ago, the world was one of chaos. The spirits of the sky, sea and earth fought constantly among themselves for superiority. The world was ravaged by droughts, floods, storms and quakes. There was no breaks between disasters. It was pandemonium. It was a world inhospitable for ordinary mortal life and was on the brink of collapse.

Realizing that if this continued, there would be no place left to rule over, the spirits came together and a treaty was established. A balance between the three domains was reached and life was allowed to bloom – plants, animals, people.

Over time though, old tensions began to resurface as each domain still sought to establish their superiority. The fragile balance that allowed life to exist was at risk, so a new agreement was made. Instead of returning to war, each year a competition would be held. The sky, sea and earth would select champions from among the mortals to compete in a series of games on their behalf, determining which domain was the greatest that year. Thus, the annual Get-Together was born.

In the present day, tensions have mostly dissipated. However, the GT endures as a way to strengthen bonds and commemorate the past.

This year, you’ll join one of the following Teams (art created by Fafrir):

Solum, masters of the Earth – Pragmatic, sensible and extremely matter-of-fact. Once they’ve their eyes on the prize, you won’t make them let go!
Aecormasters of the Ocean – Clever yet cunning, wise but also shrewd, but also someone you can rely on being calm and collected when needed.
Caelum, masters of the Sky – Lofty, high-spirited individuals who are impulsive in nature and seek the thrills in life!

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Interested? Before you get stuck in, make sure to take the Quiz to sort yourself into a team and then you’re good to go! Your next stops will then be the Get-Together Stage and our PokéCommunity Discord Server to get more information on the events and most importantly – start earning points for your team!

So what are you waiting for? Come join us for a time we can guarantee you won’t want to miss out on!

Edited by Aldo and bobandbill.