Third Hatterene Series Tournament begins June 5

The third tournament in the women- and nonbinary-inclusive VGC series will kick off on June 5.

The third tournament in the Hatterene Series—previously known as the “Women’s Tournament”—is set to take place on June 5, with top cut the next day on June 6.

The Hatterene Series is open to women and nonbinary Sword and Shield VGC competitors and is meant to encourage and recognize people in these groups who participate in competitive Pokémon.

The community Discord server, linked below, is open to everyone with certain spaces exclusive to women and nonbinary members.

Those interested in participating in this tournament can join the Discord server for more information.

To find out more about how this tournament series got started and why it’s important to carve out safe spaces for competitors in eSports, check out our feature including interviews with organizers Alyssa Smith and Samantha McLaren, and commentators Regina Lee and Gabby Snyder.

Are you interested in joining the tournament or spectating? Let us know in the comments. And best of luck to everyone competing!

Edited by bobandbill and Rabinov.