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The Truth behind Arceus

After a heinous display of blasphemy, we are here to set the record straight on what Arceus truly is and what it means to us.

After a certain… troublesome publication regarding The Original One Arceus, we have come to set the record straight about what Arceus is to us and why we follow Arceus’ teachings.

Firstly – Arceus is not a deity that we revere or ridicule with fancy celebrations, gaudy outfits or trinkets. We observe the teachings in the peaceful Hall of Origin, where the most noise heard will be the occasional Azure Flute playing in the background or the murmur of us disciples as we sit down in the hall, discussing the joys of nature or perhaps contemplating our history and our place in this world. As mentioned by another devout follower of Arceus:

There is ultimately no rigid dogma on how to express one’s love of Arceus’ region. However, it is not the habit of anyone I personally know to dress up in ornate robes, despite the assertions in this article. It’s generally kept very casual, we think it is important to remember Arceus accepts you however you are. Democracy and equality are important to us than hierarchy and status. Fundamentally to know Arceus is just a celebration of life, and the potential to create and change.

This could not be any truer. To follow the way of Arceus is to come to the realisation that you will be accepted regardless of who you are. As a result, being more grandiose than your peers does not net you any increased favour or personal gain.

Arceus is an all-powerful Pokémon, as mentioned in the previous article. However this does not mean that this needs to be exercised at all times nor does it mean that Arceus needs a cohort of several Pokémon. Firstly, it would appear the author did not look into aspects of Arceus very deeply when coming to conclusions such as about Arceus’ 1000 arms. Looking into the metaphor here, it’s obvious that it is a symbol of the overwhelming power Arceus wields. Power which it COULD use for such menial tasks like increasing your Pokémon’s battle prowess or restore buildings long fallen, but abusing power for personal gain is not something that we believe in or is written in the teachings. Arceus uses its powers when required, such as the revival of Dialga and Palkia.

It may not control ALL of the legendary Pokémon, but I would argue that having control over the process of Creation itself as well as Space and Time is arguably more than enough to quantify its strength. Furthermore, this doesn’t then convolute what should be a simple dogma to abide to, by adding in unnecessary deities etc. to follow.

In terms of appearance, again Arceus is not about grand appearances or complexity. It takes a form to reflect this as well as perhaps the neutrality in the position it holds as the Alpha Pokémon; the Plates seen on it actually a fundamental part not only of the Pokémon itself but our teachings today. These items are practical for battle and we make sure to hand these out to any visiting Trainers.

I hope this has cleared things up for anyone potentially bamboozled by the previous article. Make sure to let us know any questions you have in the comments about Arceus, our teachings and perhaps how you can also join the family.

Thank you very much VisionofMilotic for your fantastic response to our April Fool’s article and therefore inspiring this piece!

Edited by Aldo, bobandbill and Ranko.