Crown Tundra details have started leaking

Dataminers have gotten their hands on the new Shiny forms and new Pokémon, alongside some sparse details. Spoilers within.

The Crown Tundra part of the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass is only a couple days away from releasing, but as is routine, leaks have come out once again from dataminers. Specifically, Twitter account CentroLeaks has shared images of new Legendaries and their Shiny forms (with some branding plastered over the images), and accompanying details.

Highlights include the following (noting that the exact names can differ):

  • The two horses are Glastrier (Ice type) and Spectrier (Ghost type). You choose one during the story for Crown Tundra.
  • They have unique Abilities of Chilling Neigh (gains an Attack boost when fainting an opponent), or Grim Neigh (Special Attack boost on fainting an opponent). They also have unique Attacks (Thunderous Kick, Glacial Lance, Astral Barrage, and Eerie Spell).
  • Calyrex can be combined (or ‘fused’) with the horses, riding them as a steed (Ice Rider and Shadow Rider forms). It is currently unknown what the typing becomes when Calyrex fuses. It has two Abilities at once – Unnerve and either Chilling Neigh or Spectrier’s Grim.
  • In a neat touch, the Galarian Kanto Shiny forms match their original, or Kanto, form colours.
  • Ultra Beasts are obtainable in the postgame.
  • Legendaries are unlocked as soon as you can access Dynamax Adventures.
  • The new story addition to Crown Tundra “takes about 4 hours”.

We’ll update with further news as it comes, including guides for after the Crown Tundra officially releases.

Edited by Corviknight, Sheep, and Zach.