Next wave of Masters datamine reveals a new Sygna Suit character

We have three characters in total to look forward to, with the non-Sygna Suit characters brand new to Pokémon Masters!

Another Pokémon Masters update has landed. While less new fixes have arrived, we’ve learnt of three new 5* scout characters. The limit to items has been increased too – no more hitting the 9,999 Co-Op Sync Orbs limit!

Thanks to dataminers poke_malea and absol__utely once again for sharing their findings!

Datamined sync pairs

We have details on Sygna Suit Grimsley & (Mega) Sharpedo, Dawn & Turtwig, and Burgh & Leavanny. SS Grimsley will share a banner with SS Elesa on the 11th of June. Dawn will debut earlier on the 28th of May, while Burgh appears last on the 18th of June.

Sygna Suit Grimsley & (Mega) Sharpedo

5-star Water Physical Strike character, weakness to Fairy

HP: 597 Max 697
Attack: 322 Max 362
Defense: 140 Max 180
Sp. Atk: 322 Max 362
Sp. Def: 140 Max 18
Speed: 356 Max 396
  • Waterfall
  • Liquidation
  • X Attack
  • Aqua Jet (3/3 – Quick Move – After Mega)
  • Sink or Swim! (1/1) – Removes all status conditions from user. Drastically raise the user’s evasiveness and critical hit rate. User takes 90% damage based on 90% remaining HP. If used by Mega Sharpedo, drastically raises user’s Attack.

Passive Abilities:

  • Fast-Track 2
  • Power Flux 5
  • Double Down 5 – Power up Sync moves that are super effective.

Sync move: High-Stakes Liquidation

Grimsley is a gambler, and it shows here. Sink or Swim! is a very risky move, granting a lot of buffs at the cost of nigh all of Sharpedo’s available health. Paired with a healer support sync pair, this may well be worth it. You may not be so lucky during co-op modes with random players however. Power Flux 5 is quite a good Passive Ability to have, on that note.

Burgh & Leavanny

5-star Bug Special Strike character, weakness to Fire

HP: 477 Max 577
Attack: 208 Max 248
Defense: 145 Max 185
Sp. Atk: 343 Max 383
Sp. Def: 145 Max 185
Speed: 325 Max 365
  • Silver Wind
  • X Sp. Atk
  • Bug Buzz
  • Scurry Ahead! – Raises user’s defense. Drastically raises the user’s Speed.

Passive Abilities:

  • Speeding Sun 2
  • Swag Bag 1 – Increases chance of raising stat values with the additional effects of moves.
  • On a Roll 1

Sync Move: Insectible Struggle Bug

He’ll like pairing up with a Sunny Day user like Silver for the Speed boost (but not against Fire-type opponents!). Scurry Ahead will help as well, although you may need to rely on his sync grid to make the most of him. There’s a bit of luck involved with getting stat boosts from Silver Wind, even with the Passive Ability.

Dawn & Turtwig (can evolve)

5-star Support character, weakness to Bug

HP: 586 Max 686
Attack: 253 Max 293
Defense: 263 Max 303
Sp. Atk: 190 Max 230
Sp. Def: 217 Max 257
Speed: 165 Max 205
  • Razor Leaf
  • X Defense All
  • Good as New! (1/1) – Fully restores an ally’s HP. Removes all status conditions, as well as any trapped, confused, or flinching conditions, from an ally.
  • Seed Bomb

Passive Abilities:

  • Power Siphon 9 – Lowers the target’s Attack and raises the user’s Attack by an equal amount when the user is hit by a damaging move.
  • Vigilance

Sync Move: New Dawn Wood Hammer

Dawn might prove to be a useful Grass-type supporter, granting Defense buffs and healing to an ally. (SS Grimsley might appreciate Dawn’s help in particular!) Making Torterra the target of attacks will also benefit the team, particularly against Physical opponents.

Other news

Some new music has been added to the game. One is Battle! Wallace.

All three new characters will come with an expanded sync grid.

A Water Training event featuring Barry and Misty sync grid upgrades, a Steel type training event (no grid), and events for Dawn and Burgh will begin. Caitlin’s story event will also be rerun.

Which new character are you going to try to summon when they debut in Pokémon Masters?

Edited by Rivvon and Sheep.