21 new moves datamined for Pokémon Sword and Shield

One was already confirmed for Zarude, while a few others we can make educated guesses about!

A recent update for Pokémon Home has been datamined, and found to contain brand new move names (courtesy of – twenty-two of them, in fact! It is likely these are all for the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, especially as one of those (Jungle Healing) was confirmed as Zarude’s unique move. This makes the remaining attacks (twenty-one of them) brand new – provided of course they get fully implemented.

The moves have appeared in three different languages:

English French Italian
Expanding Force Vaste Pouvoir Vastenergia
Steel Roller Métalliroue Ferrorullo
Scale Shot Rafale Écailles Squamacolpo
Meteor Beam Laser Météore Raggiometeora
Shell Side Arm Kokiyarme Armaguscio
Misty Explosion Explo-Brume Nebbioscoppio
Grassy Glide Gliss’Herbe Erboscivolata
Rising Voltage Monte-Tension Elettroimpennata
Terrain Pulse Champlification Campopulsar
Skitter Smack Ravage Rampant Strisciacolpo
Burning Jealousy Feu Envieux Fiamminvidia
Lash Out Cent Rancunes Sfogarabbia
Poltergeist Esprit Frappeur Poltergeist
Corrosive Gas Gaz Corrosif Gas Corrosivo
Coaching Coaching Coaching
Flip Turn Eau Revoir Virata
Triple Axel Triple Axel Triplo Axel
Dual Wingbeat Double Volée Doppia Ala
Scorching Sands Sable Ardent Sabbiardente
Jungle Healing Selve Salvatrice Giunglacura
Wicked Blow Poing Obscur Pugnotenebra
Surging Strikes Torrent de Coups Idroraffica

Some speculation on these moves are:

  • Wicked Blow and Surging Strikes are for Urshifu – it has two forms, Single Strike Style and Rapid Strike Style. The latter is a Fighting/Water type too, and the attack has a consistent water-based naming scheme to it.
  • Triple Axel and Dual Wingbeat may be for the seeming Galarian forms of Zapdos and Moltres, again given the consistent numbering theme.
  • Shell Side Arm could potentially be for a Galarian Slowbro and/or Slowking form.

Further comes from this source, albeit this is also currently speculation:

We’ll see what we find out further from later datamines and official announcements. What else would you like to see added to the DLC?

Edited by Dragon.