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Making Real Life Pokémon Curry!

How delicious – or dangerous – can the Curry recipes in Pokémon Sword and Shield be? Find out with real-life replications, and some brave test subjects!

Have you ever wondered what the curry in the Pokémon games actually tastes like? That’s a thought that occurred to my wife and I as we played through our blind Nuzlocke of it a few months back. Given that we were just throwing all the ingredients into a pot, it seemed to us that the culinary concoctions produced were, shall we say, unrealistic at best. So we proposed an experiment: we would try to make Pokémon curry in real life, and we would do it in two different ways.

My wife, who is an excellent cook, would attempt to replicate the results of the curries. This meant that she examined the final curry dishes that came out of the pot, and tried to do what was necessary to replicate that in real life. Meanwhile, it was my job to try to recreate the in-game recipes, to see if the curry that came out was ANYTHING like it is in-game. That meant finding the real life equivalents to each berry, figuring out the ratios of berry to curry to rice to extra ingredients, and then putting them into a pot just like in game, stirring and serving them up. What could go wrong, right?

After this, we legitimately had stomach problems for the rest of the day. The last few curries were utterly devastating! That being said, it is definitely the case that the sausage curry with the in game recipe came out deliciously, and was ultimately our favorite. That’s something we’d eat more of – if we can ever stomach ANY curry again, that is.

Edited by Aldo, bobandbill, and Siddhar.