Kanto Dungeon added to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX

If there’s one thing the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series needed, evidently it was more Kanto.

A horde of Zubat can be expected.

A new dungeon has been released for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. The dungeon features iconic areas of Kanto, such as ten identical variants of Route 1, a pitch-black Rock Tunnel filled with Zubat, and all three Kanto Legendary birds and Mewtwo as the final floor bosses.

“We believe that this will allow players to enjoy the best region that was made or ever will be made,” said developer Kan T. Oh. “We’re also adding in special Pikachu enemies you can recruit, but these have hats!”

To access the new dungeon, players must update their game, and fill up the Wild Plains Camp entirely with Rattata. The dungeon can only be taken on using Pokémon from the first generation, although if Meltan is ever added to the game, it can be expected to be allowed in on special exception.

Edited by Siddhar.