Pokémon Masters celebrates 6 month anniversary with Red, Gems and Battle Villa

Pokémon Eggs also slated to be coming later, among other things. Ho-Oh has also been hinted at!

The Pokémon Masters website has announced a host of celebrations for the six-month anniversary celebration today. A video teasing new Trainers and features has also been released.

The full description can be found here, but the summary is as follows:

  • A new sync pair, Red & Charizard, will debut on a new banner. You will also enjoy a 10% chance of any non-limited 5* Sync pair to show up on his banner (“Pokéfair” rates).
  • New event maps with special rewards will begin.
  • Over 10,000 gems can be obtained from log-in bonuses and new missions during the anniversary celebration.
  • The Battle Villa is debuting in the next day, which features a different challenge. You use up to nine sync pairs to beat halls (a series of battle stages), with your – and opponent – Pokémon’s HP and Move Points carrying over from each fight.
  • New rewards for the Battle Villa include lucky cookies and lucky scrolls, used to teach your sync pair lucky skills. Lucky skills are a type of passive skill that provide beneficial effects when conditions are met, such as when a certain move is used. Each trainer can learn one lucky skill. You can also earn Gems based on the number of halls you complete.
  • Down the track, improvements to legendary events, the Sync Grid feature, and the introduction of Pokémon Eggs can be expected. A Charmander is hatched by the player character.
  • We’ve spotted Wally (with Gallade), Lillie (with Clefairy), Dawn (with Turtwig), Sygna Suit Red (with Mega Charizard X), Sygna Suit Blue (with Blastoise) and Sygna Suit Leaf (with Venusaur) in the trailer.
  • The very end shows someone holding a Rainbow Wing – a feather from the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh. The sleeve does fit the character of Silver, the Johto rival character… but who it is remains to be confirmed.

Are you hoping to summon Red for your team, or take down the Battle Villa?

Edited by Dragon.