More Pokémon Masters leaks reveal extra characters

Several more characters and their Pokémon have been leaked via a Twitter user. Spoiler warning applies again!

Another leak has occured with Pokémon Masters, but this time it isn’t courtesy of dataminers. Rather, user poke_malea on Twitter has leaked four images, indicating a schedule and some images of upcoming characters and their partner Pokémon.

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We’ve covered other datamined leaks in the article below (featuring the likes of Red and Sygna Suit Elesa), so here we’ll summarise the newer findings here. Note that there are not dates tied to these findings, and some may only come out significantly later and/or altered.

Five new characters datamined for Pokémon Masters

  • Mallow is coming up.
  • Page 3 lists two Sygna Red characters, another Sygna Brock (potentially with a Mega Evolution), Sygna Grimsley, and another Korrina. Previously known (datamined) characters listed are alternate forms for Cheren, Misty, Cynthia, and Blue (with Blastoise).
  • The dataminer predicts (red text in the image) more sync pairs featuring Jasmine with Steelix (ID of 113), Lillie with Clefairy (118), Gladion with Silvally (119), N with Reshiram (89), and Nate with Victini (100). Since then, we’ve seen Lillie with Clefairy confirmed in a trailer.

What are you excited to see come to Pokémon Masters?

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