Five new characters datamined for Pokémon Masters

Four of them are five star characters! Spoilers within – check their moves and our quick analysis!

In the newest update for Pokémon Masters, various changes were announced. These include a new feature called Lucky Skills, Giovanni’s event returning with a few tweaks, an increase to level caps for 3-star characters, and various bug fixes. Hidden in the data, however, lurks an additional surprise! Five new characters have been datamined, indicating that they will be coming soon.

The new characters are as follows:

Red & Charizard (Mega)

5-star Fire Special Strike character, with a weakness to Rock. Knows the attacks:

  • Heat Wave
  • Blast Burn: Similar to Hyper Beam
  • Dire Hit+, changes to Flare Blitz if Mega Evolved
  • My Destiny!: +3 Sp. Atk and +3 Spd. -1 Def and -1 Sp. Def. +3 Atk if Mega Evolved.
  • Sync Move: Living Legend Blast Burn (gives +1 critical after use)

Passive Abilities:

  • Piercing Gaze: Moves never miss
  • Propulsion 1: 10% chance of reducing sync move countdown by 1 when attacking successfully
  • MGR 4: 40% chance of refreshing 1 move gauge bar when an attack is successful

Red looks to be very powerful, with high stats, a great movepool, and perfect accuracy. The ability to buff his Special Attack and Speed to maximum in two uses is massive, and a higher critical hit rate is also great. His Passive Abilities look very useful too, and may offset the risk of the move gauge bar being depleted too often when using him. He won’t last many attacks, but will be a great character to pull for. He also comes with a full sync grid to grind on! He will be one of the most powerful characters in the game.

Sabrina & Alakazam (Mega)

5-star Psychic Support character, with a weakness to Dark. Knows the attacks:

  • Psybeam – Psychic (Mega)
  • Dire Hit All
  • Reflect
  • Sixth Sense!: Restore 40% HP, +3 Sp. Atk and +1 accuracy for allies only
  • Sync Move: ESP Prodigy Psywave

Passive Abilities:

  • Unflappable: Prevents the Pokémon from flinching
  • Speed Entry 1: +1 Speed when entering battle
  • Dauntless Sp. Atk cannot be lowered.

Sabrina seems to be great for supporting Special Strike characters who would appreciate the boost to accuracy, such as Solgaleo with Focus Blast.

Fantina & Mismagius

5-star Ghost Support character, with a weakness to Dark. Knows the attacks:

  • Ominous Wind: Similar to Ancient Power
  • Shadow Ball
  • X Sp. Atk
  • Dance With Me!: +3 move gauge bars and +1 critical
  • Sync Move: Soulful Dancer Shadow Ball

Passives Abilities:

  • Bulk Buster 4: The more HP the target is, the more it powers up moves
  • Backfire 2: lower 2 stage Sp. Atk and Atk of enemies when she dies

Fantina seems to be somewhat unique, with support to move gauge bar recovery and critical hit rate. If Ominous Wind triggers her stat boost effect she’ll become very powerful, and the ability to debuff opponents upon fainting may make her a useful sacrifice lead in Co-Op matches.

Valerie & Sylveon

4-star Fairy Special Strike character, with a weakness to Poison. Knows the attacks:

  • Disarming Voice: Cannot miss, akin to Swift
  • Draining Kiss: Restores 10% HP based on damage dealt.
  • X Sp. Atk
  • Not so Delicate!: +2 Sp. Def and Speed
  • Sync Move: Fashionista Dazzling Gleam


  • HP Advantage 4: The more HP remaining the more damage

Another Fairy option is much needed for the game, and Sylveon is a popular pick in the fandom! She has the potential to be somewhat of a Special Attacking wall, and will like further healing support to keep striking hard.

Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom

5-Star Electric Special Support, with weakness to Dark. Knows the attacks:

  • Breathtaking!: Reduces allies’ sync move countdown by 2 and grants +1 Accuracy and critical. This boost is doubled if the allied sync pair has a sync buff.
  • Thunder Shock
  • Thunder
  • X Sp. Atk

Passive Abilities:

  • Fast Runner: Evasiveness can not be lowered
  • Long Alive 9: 100% increase Evasion once get hit

Elesa getting an alt is not terribly surprising, being one of the more popular Unova Gym Leaders. Rotom makes for a unique choice and typing/weakness combination. She will pair very well with Strikers with Mega Evolutions, such as Brendan, who will benefit from the critical hit and accuracy increase on Leaf Storm. The evasiveness boost may be helpful if she has Rotom take on weaker moves.

It’s notable that three of these five characters have a weakness to Dark; the likes of Nanu, Grimsley and Karen will appreciate more opponents to take advantage of. Koga may prove useful against Valerie as well, granting more usage to this often ignored character.

Which character are you most excited to see?

Images datamined and supplied here.
Edited by Dragon and Ranko.