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Impidimp worried over delay with its official reveal

Three months since its appearance in a demo has been followed by silence…

Impidimp, a new Dark/Fairy-typed Pokémon, has been patiently awaiting its official reveal by The Pokémon Company International following its debut in the E3 demo of the next generation games, Pokémon Sword and Shield. However, three long months since it was first sighted has given it cause to worry. We conducted a quick interview.

“What is taking them so long?” Impidimp asked as it poked at its plate of Curry on Rice. “I got in, right? I was there fighting Yamper, and it got its announcement with official art and all. Where’s my reveal?” We opted not to point out that the Curry had been officially announced before it, and in a Nintendo Direct to boot.

Sources are unsure as to the reason for such a delay, but have noted that it has happened before in some circumstances. Impidimp refused to take the positives from such news, however.

“I can’t help but be worried, is all. I’ve been hearing fan feedback hasn’t been great. Why don’t they like me? Is it the nose? My tongue?” It took a peek at the teapot nearby and made a disgruntled face. “Look, there’s another Pokémon announced before me! I just wanted some tea, and there’s a Pokémon there. Where’s my profile and YouTube video?”

Definitely Impidimp. The typing might be good, but I think the design is fugly tbh.
GamerFlame718, with one of the many thoughts offered on Impidimp.

“And besides,” the imp added, “I’ve been hearing over and over about this Dex cut. I’ve only been in the demo – did I actually make it into Galar? Am I being removed for some old popular Pokémon?”

The interview ended when a rogue Cramorant swallowed the Impidimp and flew off. Developers for the game have declined to comment, and instead suggested we pay attention to the new Polteageist and Curry Dex instead.

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