New Pokémon teased

It’s currently glitching out on the Pokémon Sword and Shield website. Is it the leaked Farfetch’d evolution, complete with leek?

A new Pokémon has been teased on the official Pokémon Sword and Shield website, via a tweet.

Details revealed so far.

A glitchy and pixellated image of this new Pokémon moves across the screen and triggers a loading bar and infographic when clicked. It is a Fighting-type with the Ability Steadfast, and the Japanese name of ナ イ ト but we don’t have any other information just yet.

It is possible it is a new evolution for Farfetch’d, especially if you rotate the image by 90 degrees, to see a bird-like creature holding a sword and shield.

A sword and a shield… is that sword a leek?

What do you think the new Pokémon is?

Thanks to Castform for the tip.