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Pokémon Masters: How to Recruit and Train sync pairs

How the Masters micro-transactions work, how to obtain Sync Pairs, and a list of who we have seen thus far.

Some light has finally been shed upon how exactly sync pairs can be recruited and what methods are used to strengthen them in the upcoming mobile game, Pokémon Masters.

There will be a substantial number of sync pairs who can be recruited simply by playing through the main story, although the exact details of who those sync pairs are, is still unknown. Some will be obtainable through special, periodic events, similar to events held in Pokémon GO. Another way to obtain sync pairs, however, is through Scouting Missions.

In order to do a Scouting Mission, you need to pay 300 gems. Gems can be obtained naturally by playing the game: daily missions, story quests, and even some character stories will reward players with a set number of gems the first time you complete them. Gems can also be obtained through micro-transactions. Below is a list of the gem packs you can purchase (prices in USD):

100 gems for $0.99
400 gems for $3.99
1500 gems for $12.99
3400 gems for $23.99 (once a month)
3400 gems for $29.99
5200 gems for $44.99
9800 gems for $79.99

There will also be special one-time-only deals on gems as follows:

1500 gems for $9.99
3400 gems for $22.99
5200 gems for $34.99

Once you have acquired 300 gems, either by earning them in-game, paying, or a combination of the two, you can complete a Scouting Mission. Doing so rewards you with two things: a completely random sync pair and 3 Scout Points. If you accumulate 400 Scout Points, you can redeem them for any sync pair of your choice.

If you obtain a sync pair you already had, their sync move will become stronger.

If the sync pair you obtain is someone you already own, it will go towards powering up their sync move, which seems to max out at Lv. 5. A way to increase this level cap is currently unknown. It is also unclear what happens when you obtain the same sync pair after already maxing their sync move level, because you cannot have more than one of the same sync pair.

You can obtain the items you need to further strengthen your sync pair while playing the game.

Other than obtaining your initial sync pair and increasing their sync move level, other ways to strengthen your sync pair can be done through grinding materials in the game. Raising their level, increasing their level cap, and improving stats, are all done through completing training missions and using special items. These items can all be obtained through playing naturally, and there is no stamina system in place, so unless certain missions have a daily limit, players can play as much as they would like.

Sync pair stories reward players with gems, as well as allow partner Pokémon to evolve.

The sync pairs we have seen in in-game footage thus far are as follows:

  1. Player + Pikachu
  2. Brock + Onix (Tyranitar Synga Suit)
  3. Misty + Starmie
  4. Lt. Surge + Voltorb
  5. Erika + Vileplume
  6. Koga + Crobat
  7. Lorelei + Lapras
  8. Agatha + Gengar
  9. Blue + Pidgeot
  10. Red + Charizard
  11. Kris + Totodile
  12. Lyra + Chikorita
  13. Whitney + Miltank
  14. Pryce + Seel
  15. Claire + Kingdra
  16. Brendan + Treecko
  17. Brawly + Makuhita
  18. Flannery + Torkoal
  19. Norman + Slaking
  20. Winona + Pelipper
  21. Liza + Lunatone
  22. Tate + Solrock
  23. Phoebe + Dusknoir
  24. Drake + Salamence
  25. Barry + Piplup
  26. Marley + Arcanine
  27. Maylene + Meditite
  28. Crasher Wake + Floatzel
  29. Flint + Infernape
  30. Cynthia + Garchomp
  31. Thorton + Bronzong
  32. Hilda + Emboar
  33. Hilbert + Samurott
  34. Rosa + Snivy
  35. Cheren + Stoutland
  36. Clay + Excadrill
  37. Skyla + Swanna
  38. Iris + Haxorus
  39. Marlon + Carracosta
  40. Marshal + Conkeldurr
  41. Korrina + Lucario
  42. Siebold + Clawitzer
  43. Hau + Alolan Raichu
  44. Sophocles + Togedemaru
  45. Acerola + Palossand
  46. Olivia + Lycanroc
  47. Hapu + Mudsdale

When Pokémon Masters launches this summer, there will be a total of 65 sync pairs, with more to be added periodically.

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