Ash and Ash Hat Pikachu features in Pokémon GO April Fools prank

Shove off, Smeargle, because the mascot wants to get some of the limelight too. But you do have a chance for a Shiny Hatchu!

The Snapshot feature mode in Pokémon GO has been used for this year’s April Fools prank in the game. An Ash Hat Pikachu will photobomb your pictures, up to five times a day starting on April the 1st for your timezone. After exiting the photo session and sighting it, it will spawn for you – and yes, you have a chance of it being Shiny too. This extends at least until the 2nd of April from reports; there has not been an official announcement however, so an end date is not yet known.

Ash from the anime series may jump in as well! If he does you still will be rewarded by an Ash Hat Pikachu encounter.

By r/ iamaneditor.

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