GO Snapshot feature to be added to Pokémon GO

The GO Snapshot will allow for all your Pokémon to be snapped in the big wide world!

Niantic have just announced a new feature for Pokémon GO, the GO Snapshot, that will allow players to take pictures of their various Pokémon in storage using the AR+ technology in the game!

After selecting a Pokémon from storage and throwing their Poké Ball out to the world, players will be able to adjust their position, adjust the angles and command their attention to the camera lens if they happen to get distracted.

Pictures taken in this mode will then be directly saved to your device’s camera roll and be ready to be shared with friends on social media! Pretty cool, right? A feature I’m sure a lot of us expected from the beginning.

Will you be using this fun feature often?

Thanks HeroLinik for the tip!