Stat Boosts Coming to Pokémon GO

It’s almost as if they planned this around the Community Day.

Today, a change was announced that will dramatically shake up how battles in Pokémon GO work forever. And by that I mean Ancient Power will not be as bad as before.

Starting this Saturday, Charge Attacks can now raise your stats on occasion, which encourages throwing them out early and often. The initially affected attacks are the ones that have a low chance of raising all of your stats in the main series – Ominous Wind, Silver Wind, and Ancient Power. Here, they will have an unknown chance to raise both your Attack and Defense when used.

The post and Tweet both suggest that they only will have this effect in Trainer Battles, despite a Raid being shown in the picture.

There are a few Pokémon that benefit from these changes. Drifblim and Dusknoir both have Ominous Wind, and certainly appreciate defense buffs. Beautifly gets the most out of the Silver Wind buff, though it still has to contend with low stats overall. Ancient Power is probably the most important of the three. In particular, Aerodactyl, Kabutops, and Omastar all get significant benefit from the potential stat buffs, and Ancient Power gets the Same Type Attack Bonus when used by any of these. Ancient Power is also a legacy move (meaning it is no longer available) on Golem, who also could appreciate the move. In all of these cases, however, you give up the ability to run a more consistently powerful Charge Attack, such as Stone Edge. Togekiss is another winner here, as it certainly loves stat boosts. Lastly, Mamoswine will be able to get Ancient Power exclusively during the Community Day on Saturday, so the Community Day move is better than we expected.