CP Rebalance, New Egg Event, Sinnoh Pokémon Added to Pokémon GO

Too much Kanto for you recently? Have an eggciting splash of Sinnoh in your GO!

Sinnoh is now in swing!

A number of Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh Region are now available in Pokémon GO. These seem to be mostly evolutions of older Pokémon.

All of these new evolutions require a Sinnoh Stone. This is reportedly available from a 7-day Research Breakthrough.

  • Confirmed New Pokémon
    • Gliscor (Evolve Gligar, 100 Gligar Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Roserade (Evolve Roselia, 100 Roselia Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Honchkrow (Evolve Murkrow, 100 Murkrow Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Dusknoir (Evolve Dusklops, 100 Duskull Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Magmortar (Evolve Magmar, 100 Magmar Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Electivire (Evolve Electabuzz, 100 Electabuzz Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Weavile (Evolve Sneasel, 100 Sneasel Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Togekiss (Evolve Togetic, 100 Togepi Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Mismagius (Evolve Misdreavus, 100 Misdreavus Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Rhyperior (Evolve Rhydon, 100 Rhyhorn Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
    • Porygon-Z (Evolve Porygon-2, 100 Porygon Candy + Sinnoh Stone)
  • Sinnoh Legacy Evolutions NOT yet available
    • Yanmega (Yanma)
    • Tangrowth (Tangela)
    • Froslass (Snorunt, F)
    • Mamoswine (Piloswine)
    • Probopass (Nosepass)
    • Magnezone (Magneton)
    • Lickilicky (Lickitung)
    • Gallade (Kirlia, M)
    • Ambipom (Aipom)
    • Leafeon (Eevee)
    • Glaceon (Eevee)

To compensate, the evolution cost of Duskull, Rhyhorn, Togepi, and Porygon has been reduced to 25 Candy.

Additionally, Niantic has announced something to help Trainers get resources for evolving these new Pokémon. Pre-evolutions of Sinnoh Pokémon can now be found in 2km Eggs, including the brand new shiny Elekid!

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the CP Rebalance announced earlier has finally gone fully live. The short version is that almost everything’s Defense has been lowered, with some especially harsh nerfs towards the big, bulky Normal-types like Blissey.

More details added as we figure out what they are!

Edited by LinearAxel