Zeraora nowhere to be found in Australian distribution event

Codes were never distributed and mention of the event has since been retracted.

Zeraora, the newest Mythical Pokémon, is currently being distributed around the world in various serial code events. For players in Australia and New Zealand; however, it is evident that someone has dropped the ball.

As reported on, employees at the video game chain EB Games never received the serial codes to distribute the Pokémon, or even been contacted about it by The Pokemon Company International.

Although the distribution was meant to start on October 19, the date came and went, and not a single EB Games store was stocked. We reached out to EB Games on twitter, and they told us that not only did stores not have the codes, EB’s buying team has not been contacted to distribute the Pokémon in Australia.

There is no sign of the event happening anytime soon either:

Update 2: The Pokemon Company International, while still not having replied to our request for comment, have emailed some users rescinding previous information given by support staff. According to the new email from TPCi, EB Games “will not be distributing codes for Zeraora.” They did not clarify as to whether this meant Australia will not be getting the distribution at all, or whether it will be distributed through other means. TPCi has also removed any mention of the event from the official Australian Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon website. We’ll continue to update this story as it develops.

This will not be the first time players in this region missed out on Event Pokémon. A notable example was a Celebi for copies of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, which was necessary to access a special – and neat – in-game event giving additional backstory to characters Silver and Giovanni. However, this is the first time an announced event distribution has been seemingly cancelled.

We’ll update if there is any new development on this story.

Thanks to Me for the tip.