Beldum announced for next Pokémon GO Community Day

One of the coolest Shiny forms out there!

While the news had been found out last week via an accidental leak from the official website, pretend to be surprised that Beldum will feature as the next Community Day Pokémon in Pokémon GO!

The event runs for the usual event hours on the 21st of October (a Sunday). The exclusive move for evolving Metang is likely to be Meteor Mash, Lures will last for 3 hours, and the other bonus effect is that Eggs have their hatch distance halved – as long as they are incubated during event hours.

The in-game notification for the event adds that you can evolve Metang up to an hour after the event to gain the exclusive move – nice! However, no TMs can likely be used, sadly.

Are you excited for a chance at Shiny Beldum?