New Let’s Go details revealed from Serebii playthrough

“Playing it has removed some (but not all) of my cynicism.”

Joe Merrick, owner of Pokémon fansite, has revealed exclusive details on the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee. He had the opportunity to spend two hours on the title.

Details can be found on his website. He had reached the end of Brock’s Gym, and also played an additional co-op demo. The main highlights are as follows:

  • Both Individual Values (IVs) and Effort Values (EVs), values that partly determine an individual Pokémon’s stats and hence strength, are in the game to some extent.
  • It is confirmed that there are no Held Items nor Abilities.
  • More experience points are gained for capturing compared to battling, at least in the earlier stages. Like in Pokémon GO, experience point bonuses exist for “quality of capture”, catching a new Pokémon, etc.
  • You can “Combo” Pokémon by catching Pokémon of the same species consecutively. The full mechanics behind this aspect are not yet understood.
  • Your Partner Pokémon has considerably higher base stats compared to wild Pikachu/Eevee.
  • The base power of Eevee’s Sizzly Slide, Bouncy Bubble and Buzzy Buzz moves is 90.
  • Jessie, James and Meowth appear earlier than in Yellow – sighted in Viridian City. The trio replace the old man who blocks your path citing a need for coffee, but do not battle you then.
  • The restriction to type requirements as seen earlier is just to enter Brock’s Gym. While this means you don’t need a Grass or Water-type member in your team to do battles in said Gym, it remains a roadblock to access the facility.

He also shared his personal opinion on his Twitter page.

Are you jealous of Joe for getting early playtime with some of the game? What do you think about the new reports? We’ll update the article with footage of the play-session once it becomes available.

Edited by HeroLinik.