Exciting Additions and Events coming to Pokémon GO This Summer!

Pokémon GO is doing a lot of stuff and giving us work to do.

Pokémon GO has three really large in-life events planned for this summer, and a ton of global celebrations to compliment them.

Right, so that’s a lot of words. Let’s break it down, and add more words for more fun:

June 30 – July 1: If you live in Dortmund, Germany, you get a Safari Zone with all sorts of super fun Pokémon, but for the rest of the world we get Shiny Roselia. Also, if certain requirements are met involving the number of field researches completed, everyone gets a TON of rewards.

July 14 – 15: Pokémon GO Fest 2018 will attempt to not fail miserably in Chicago, but again the rest of us get cool rewards for completing field research. Many of the field research quests during that weekend involve Plusle and Minun, which I assume will have a buffed encounter rate (and, of course, shininess). Trapinch and Feebas, among other rarities, also get encounter rate buffs, because Flygon is cute. Also, Alolan Golem and Diglett get released this weekend!

“Late Summer” – Another Safari Zone, much like the last one, in Japan. Similar rest-of-world logic applies; do field research, get rewards.

So, that’s some stuff. Also remember that the June Community Day is Today/Tomorrow, depending on when I finish this and where you live, and features increased Larvitar spawns and shininess. You going to participate in any of these tasks?