Regice set to appear as Raid Boss in Pokémon GO

Get up and go, Trainers – the Regis are finally coming to GO.

Without much prior notice, a new Raid Boss has made its way into Pokémon GO, and this time it’s Regice!

Feel the CHILL! The Legendary Ice-type Pokémon Regice has come to Raid Battles until July 19!

In order to take it on, Pokémon that can nail its weaknesses are recommended. Hariyama and Machamp are fine counters, especially if they carry Counter and Dynamic Punch as fast and charged moves respectively. Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge is fantastic for quick damage output, and only fears Regice with Fighting-type attacks or Earthquake. Fire-type Pokémon such as EnteiFlareon and Blaziken are also viable choices if Regice does not have Rock Smash or Earthquake. Charizard (with Blast Burn), Moltres and then Ho-Oh are good against any without Ice-type attacks. Don’t forget to consider the weather!

At level 20, Regice’s maximum CP is 1764 CP, and when weather boosted, it will be 2205 CP. Regice’s available fast moves are Rock Smash and Frost Breath, and its charged moves are BlizzardFocus Blast and Earthquake.

Are you looking forward to finally catching the Regis in GO?

Edited by bobandbill.