Charmander leaked as the next Pokémon GO Community Day focus

The Japanese website again reveals information that’s already been taken down. Get hyped for Shiny Charizard!

Eagle-eyed Pokémon GO players on The Silph Road spotted early mentions of the next Community Day on the official Japanese website. While it is no longer on the website, the following was posted:

※5月19日(土)12:00-15:00の間に、リザードからリザードンへ進化させると、そのリザードンは特別なわざを覚えます。 なお、イベント開催時間中であっても、「わざマシン ノーマル」や「わざマシン スペシャル」を利用して、特別なわざを覚えさせることはできません。

On the 19th of May between 12 and 3 pm (Japan time), Charmander will appear at higher rates. Like before, evolving a Charmeleon into Charizard during the event times will teach the Pokémon an exclusive attack. This is predicted to be Blast Burn to match Venusaur learning Frenzy Plant in a previous Community Day, but this will not be confirmed for a while yet.

As before, we can also expect the Shiny form to be released for the event too. Good luck with obtaining the popular black Charizard!