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The PokéCommunity Trainer Tournament Semi Final Results

The PokéCommunity Social Media Team proudly presents the PokéCommunity Trainer Tournament. Listed here are semi-final results of the tournament.

The results are finally in! After two weeks of voting, the semi-final stage of the PokéCommunity Trainer Tournament has finally concluded. Listed here are the full results and vote breakdown of the four semi-final rounds.

How the votes are tallied

For each trainer, the raw number of votes from Twitter and the number of reacts from Facebook were totaled. The two trainers who received the most number of total votes advanced to the semi-finals. The trainer who received the third highest number of total votes was given a second chance, advancing to the Wildcard Round.

Semi-Final Results

Winner (advances to the pre-finals)
Runner-up (advances to the Wildcard Round)
Tie (tiebreak points are in parentheses)
SEMI FINAL 1 Twitter Votes Facebook Votes Total Votes Ranking
Koga 7 8 15 4th
Brock 27 7 34 2nd
Lt. Surge 17 3 20 3rd
Sabrina 42 12 54 1st
SEMI FINAL 2 Twitter Votes Facebook Votes Total Votes Ranking
Pryce 17 16 33 1st
Juan 13 1 14 4th
Drayden 21 5 26 3rd
Norman 27 4 31 2nd
SEMI FINAL 3 Twitter Votes Facebook Votes Total Votes Ranking
Misty 20 12 32 1st
Clair 15 5 20 4th
Giovanni 16 5 21 3rd
Blue 22 8 30 2nd
SEMI FINAL 4 Twitter Votes Facebook Votes Total Votes Ranking
Flannery 27 7 34 1st
Skyla 23 7 30 2nd
Tate and Liza 12 1 13 3rd
Winona 7 4 11 4th

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