Watch the finals of the Pokémon Oceania Championships 2018!

Watch the finals and see who takes out the TCG, VGC and Pokkén titles!

The third and final day of the Pokémon Oceania Championships 2018 begins soon, and will be filled with finals for the Trading Card Game (TCG) and Video Game Championships (VGC).  The Pokkén Tournament DX Top 8 will also be showcased.

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All times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT – UTC +10).

  • 9:00AM – Stream Live
  • 9:30AM – TCG Junior Finals
  • 10:45AM – TCG Senior Finals
  • 12:00PM – TCG Masters Finals
  • 1:45PM – VGC Junior Finals (Will Reimann [AUS] vs. Riccardo Cantrell [ITL])
  • 2:45PM – VGC Senior Finals (Samuel Mowery [US] vs. Oliver Eskolin [FIN])
  • 3:45PM – VGC Masters Finals (Jens Arne Maekinen [NOR] vs. Alessio Yuri Boschetto [ITL])
  • 5:00PM – Stream finishes

Update: Riccardo takes out the VGC Junior Finals! Will made a good come-back with his Trick Room themed team to level it at 1-1, but then suffered the worst of bad luck – a freeze to his Drampa! There was no recovering from that piece of bad luck.

Alessio Yuri Boschetto takes out the Masters final 2-0. Jens’ Rotom-Wash was unable to hit with Will-O-Wisp in the first battle on Alessio’s Metagross, which proved crucial as it wore down Jens’ team. In the second match some better prediction and use of a Z-Move outright removed Rotom-Wash and had the upper hand throughout the rest of the match, despite Jens’ Metagross surviving an attack with a few HP left.

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