More Mega Stones have been Released – Next Battle Competition Announced!

The Mega Stones for Lopunny, Gallade, and Gardevoir are available for download!

The Mega Stones for Lopunny, Gallade, and Gardevoir are currently being distributed by Mystery Gift to all those who participated in the Tiny Tourney. There is currently no other legitimate way to obtain these Mega Stones. We will most likely see a serial code distribution later this year for the players who didn’t take part in the recent tournament. It might also be worthwhile to check out this article to check out the results of the competition.

In other news, the next Battle Competition has been announced. It will be called the Weakness Cup. This is a single battle competition where only Pokémon with five or greater weaknesses can be used. Mythical and Legendary Pokémon have once again been banned from entering. Mega Stones are not allowed. Registration will take place between July 20th to July 21st. Battling will happen between July 28th to July 30th. Every player who enters the competition will receive Mega Stones for Ampharos, Latios, and Latias.

Are you eager to use these new Mega Stones in battle? Will you be joining the next competition for early access to the next set of Mega Stones?

Edited by bobandbill