CoroCoro teases new information about Marshadow

A shocking bit of information to do with Marshadow has been promised for the next issue of CoroCoro.

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has today leaked with some images of the upcoming Pokémon movie.

A magazine scan detailing the movie. These points are summarized in the article text below.
The magazine indicates three “key words” about the upcoming movie.

Thus far we have the one image. New information about Marshadow is promised to be revealed in next month’s edition of CoroCoro. The page, in one of its three ‘key words’ (we’ll refer to them as key points) for the movie, notes that in the movie a ‘huge journey’ will be undertaken to ‘discover the “Rainbow Hero”‘, and that ‘Ash challenges the “Rainbow Hero”, the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh’.

The second key point tells us about the characters introduced in the movie — Makoto, who owns a Piplup, and apparently has a secret, and Souji, who wants to be a Pokémon Professor, and has Lucario as a partner.

The last key point emphasises Marshadow’s role in the movie, and how the mythical Pokémon is instrumental to their journey (it ‘holds the key to their adventure’, so to speak). Marshadow is somehow a suited companion to travelling with Ash and his new friends on this journey. The page talks about how it can also hide in people’s shadows.

The page additionally details how fans in Japan can get their hands on Ash’s Pikachu in their copy of Sun and Moon — as with every year, players can grab a serial code for the Pokémon by pre-purchasing tickets to watch the movie.

We’ll update with more info as it comes.

Co-writing and translations by Jake.
Edited by Sylphiel.