Watch this deflating Pikachu get dragged off stage

A mass Pikachu dance at Pokémon World Festival in Songdo goes awry when a Pikachu suit deflates.

If you were wondering exactly how much importance The Pokémon Company places on its brand image, watch this clip. The unimaginable happens in this video clip of April 30’s Pokémon World Festival in Songdo, South Korea, where the costume of one of the dancers in the group begins to deflate. Instead of letting the onlooking fans be completely horrified by the image, a team of stage staff rush on stage to escort the poor dancer right off.

It really has to be seen. Check the action at about 1:01 into the video. Bonus points 4:30 in for trying to return… unsuccessfully. (Also check out the female Pikachu — identifiable by their heart-shaped tails!)