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Caring for your Miltank

Learn how to get the best out of your Miltank, and their dairy produce!

Greetings! We’re all about dairy here, and you can’t get your helping of milk from many Pokémon finer than Miltank. I’m here to tell you how to take care of your darling Pokémon – what you should feed it, what to watch out for, and how to keep some of your partners from setting the house on fire. Sure, there’s the recent Skiddo cheese craze, but you can’t beat the original from Miltank!

Miltank do seem to get a bit of a bad rap! It’s all because of a notable Gym Leader in Goldenrod City, a youngster who really gives challengers a run for their money. Miltank are surprisingly strong Pokémon, especially when you’re fighting them with Pokémon that haven’t been fully evolved. Let’s not also forget that they bear relation to the notably short-tempered Tauros too! You’ll have a hard time if you just expect to catch one without any issues. If they feel threatened their Rollout can be used to escape you in the blink of an eye, or worse, used to send you flying into next week.

Do not anger.

However, that’s only if they feel to be under attack, or when used on Pokémon battles. They are usually well mannered and calm creatures, and they’re happy to even share their milk with you or any wild Pokémon seeking assistance. It is nice to have a Pokémon that requires little protection from any bad folk. And while they enjoy the company of other Miltank or Tauros, they’re fine being on their own as well.

Upkeep isn’t terribly involved for Miltank. You will need to regularly check their hooves and perhaps treat them to a thorough brushing of their coat, as well as keeping them clean from mud or the like. Like most Pokémon with tails, take care not to accidentally step on it, nor allow any small children to haphazardly tug at them unless you don’t mind them being kicked through the barn door.

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There’s no evolution to or for Miltank, so there’s no need to worry about that aspect. They require a lot of space, and they much prefer the outdoors to an indoor environment. Trainers are advised to have a healthy sized paddock for Miltank to roam around – the more space, the better. A barn or the like for them to take refuge in during rain is also recommended. They have a good amount of body fat to resist the cold, but they don’t take too kindly to sweltering conditions. Keep this in mind if you are a travelling Trainer, and be sure that there’s some grass around for Miltank to graze from.

Another reason to consider a Miltank if you live near farmland is that their diet consists of grass. They’ll happily live off the stuff, and while they certainly won’t object to the occasional Poképuff, that’s usually all they need. ‘Usually’ is reserved for when they get ill. A large dose of Oran Berries is advised to get them feeling right again, along with plenty of water and rest.

Poor thing…

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the greatest perks of Miltank – their milk! MooMoo Milk is a hugely popular drink wherever you go, and the drink of choice at places such as MooMoo Farm in Johto and Café Cabin on Route 210 in Sinnoh. Regular milking of your Miltank is encouraged so not to let it become bloated, and the milk can be drink fresh with little curation. Trainers on the go may want to carry a few spare bottles to store the dairy goodness. Furthermore, Pokémon enjoy MooMoo Milk as well, and will regain a vast amount of health from a single serving, putting the likes of Super Potions to shame.


A word of warning though – they produce a lot of milk. And we mean a lot. Five gallons a day is equivalent to 19 or so litres, so you’ll have way too much to handle in normal circumstances. Miltank will happily drink their own milk however, and if you want you could always sell some to other people. MooMoo Milk is very nutritious, but drinking too much is unhealthy for your figure.

If you’re looking for variety, then the milk from Miltank can also be converted into a range of cheeses and yogurts, or even ice cream! However, these take more preparation than the ready-to-drink milk form. Trainers should keep an eye out for guides by PokéCommunity Dairy on how to get the most out of your milk.

Overall, we strongly recommend trying out a Miltank as a partner; they’re friendly and require little maintenance beyond some love and some space to wander about. And there’s not that many Pokémon that offer you a free drink too!

They also sometimes make weird faces.

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