TCG: Sun and Moon Prerelease Promos Revealed

4 Strong Pokémon from Sun and Moon await attendees of Prerelease events.

With Prerelease tournaments on the way for the next TCG expansion, Sun and Moon, the official Pokémon website has indicated which cards have been selected to be given out to players. In this case, it is either Bruxish, Shiinotic, Passimian, or Oranguru from the set in question.

The most notable inclusion here is Oranguru, which has a strong potential to be an excellent draw engine with its Instruct ability. Instruct allows you to refresh your hand to 3 cards once every turn. Shiinotic’s Illuminate ability allows you to search for a Grass Pokémon every turn. It can act as a major function of appropriately typed decks (especially with Forest of Giant Plants still in the rotation). Passimian can deal up to 100 damage for 2 Colorless Energy with its Team Play attack or hit something on the opponent’s Bench for only a single Fighting Energy with Fling. Bruxish can use Vivid Charge to pull a lot of energy out of your deck.

Prerelease events happen a couple weeks before the release of each new TCG set. Players open 4 booster packs from the upcoming set and use them, in combination with a 22-card “evolution” pack to supplement the draws and as many Basic Energy as they want, to build a 40-card deck on the spot. Following this, players play a full tournament with their new decks. After the tournament, players get to keep everything but the energy, and at some events are given another 3 Booster Packs on their way out the door. (Other organizers may choose to use these as prizes for good placement instead.)

Sun and Moon Prereleases will occur January 21-29. The set itself hits store shelves on February 3rd, around which time you can expect a full review of the set here on the PokéCommunity Daily.

You can find your local prerelease using the Pokémon website’s event search here. Are you planning to attend one? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks to user Hands for the tip. Cover image from the official Pokémon website. Edited by bobandbill and Z25.