Battle Cynthia, Blue, Red, Wally and more in Sun/Moon in the Battle Tree

Take on Cynthia, Blue, Red, Wally and more, and then team up with them in Multi-Battles! Also, news on the Alola League!

The latest Pokémon Sun/Moon trailer has revealed The Battle Tree, where you can battle trainers such as Cynthia, Blue, Wally, and Red.

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The Battle Tree is described as the gathering place of strong trainers from across the Pokémon World who have either completed their Island Trial challenge, or are strong enough to have done so.

After defeating a trainer in the Battle Tree, you can partner up with them in Multi-Battles. On the website, we can see the trainer defeating Cynthia, and then teaming up with her to take on other trainers. This is described as ‘scouting’ for partners.

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Red and Blue are back, having grown a few years older. You can battle both of them in a six-on-six battle. In a snippet of gameplay, we can see Blue and Red joking around with the player, and Red being “as silent as always”, with his iconic “…” dialogue. While Blue and Red have six Pokémon each, Cynthia and Wally have three each.

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Furthermore, we learn that there is no Pokémon League in the Alola region yet, but there are plans to construct one at the top of a mountain. The official Sun & Moon website hints that we may be involved in the creation of the Pokémon League, as it asks whether we can one day take on the League to be the very best.

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It seems the future is certainly bright for the Alola region! And it’s certainly been a busy day of news, with the types of the starter final evolutions and the Island Guardians also revealed – see our other article for more details!

You can watch the full trailer below – news about the Battle Tree and Pokémon League starts at the 3:33 mark!

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