Pokémon Sun and Moon livestreamed on NicoNico

Some lucky players got to show off part of the Sun and Moon games on an official stream. A Battle Royal match was also had.

Today on the Japanese website NicoNico, footage from the full Sun and Moon games were shown off. Hosts played through a segment of the game, and then had a Battle Royal match. EDIT: The stream has now finished.

The stream was hosted here and was watchable if you had an account on NicoNico. We’ve summed up the events and bits of information found out (click away if you don’t want minor spoilers on e.g. available Pokémon and events)! Gameplay started at a early-game Route – maybe the second or third one at a guess.

You can watch select footage from the stream in our other article below!

Pokémon Sun/Moon NicoNico Highlights

What we learn

Route and Town Exploration, Pokémon Refresh

  • Wild Makuhita are in the Alolan Dex, appearing at Level 9.

    Wild Makuhita. They caught it in the live playthrough.
    Wild Makuhita. They caught it in the live playthrough.
  • Experience is gained for catching a Pokémon, like in sixth generation games.
  • Pokémon in shaking grass may run out to battle you.
  • Wild Alolan Meowth also appears on the Route at Level 9.
Is it… dabbing?
  • The first Trainer you fight on this Route has a Level 9 Gastly.
  • In the town north of the Route we see a Vending Machine in a house, and also that television shows return.

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  • A young Trainer (maybe in the Preschooler class) had a Level 8 Spearow. We knew that was in the Alolan Dex already however.
  • Litten gets Lick early in its learnset.
  • You then meet a Delibird in the overworld. Soon after a Team Skull grunt shows up and battles you over it. They have a Level 10 Drowzee.

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  • Saving the Delibird seems to grant you access to a farm – could you plant Berries there?
  • The hosts were very amused by the sound Delibird made, as well as avoiding moving Trainers and battling them.
  • Another Trainer has a Level 10 Cottenee.
Level 13 Litten stats.
Level 13 Litten stats.
  • Another Trainer has a Level 9 Misdreavus.
  • Continuing north-east, you encounter Hau (your rival). He takes you to a Pokémon Centre and gives you some Items.

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  • A man in the cafe there seems to give you the ability to do Pokémon Refresh. It becomes an option on the main Menu screen.

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  • You can buy three kinds of drinks at the Pokémon Center Café early on in the game. They are called Enecocoa (Eneko (Skitty) cocoa), Pairu Juice (Pinap Juice), and Roseratea (Roserade Tea).
    The hosts have now taken a break – maybe the Battle Royal is next? Trailers are being reshown.

Ilima’s Trial

  • We’ve resumed the playthrough. Heading east seems to lead to the first Trial. This features Trial Captain Ilima.

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  • We see that a yellow Item Ball is at the end of the Trial, out of reach beyond a ledge.
  • A wild Alolan Rattata (Level 11) appears during the Trial.
One of a few.
One of a few.
  • What appears to be the Moss Rock is here.
Given Eevee is in the Alolan Pokédex, it makes sense you have a place to evolve Eevee into Leafeon.
  • The Trial involves chasing something hiding across small holes in the Trial area.
  • Team Skull show up again during the Trial! They battle you. One has a Level 11 Drowzee. They may be called Grunt A and Grunt B. They run off after the first battle to try to catch the hiding Pokémon.
Grunt A and Grunt B, perhaps? Will we see this duo again?
  • You then fight an Alolan Raticate. It may have been the hiding Pokémon.
  • Afterwards you fight another – as the Totem Pokémon. It summons other Alolan Rattata during the battle.

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  • Upon victory, the first Trial Captain congratulates you. You also gain a Z-Crystal for performing Z-Moves with – potentially tied to defeating Totem Pokémon!
  • It appears there are  7 Trials in total. Does that mean 7 Trial Captains in total? And is there more after that?

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  • Litten learns Fire Fang at Level 15.

Battle Royal

  • The live stream next moves to the Battle Royal.
  • Here it is a four-player, 3-on-3 match at level 30.

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  • The starting choices are Eevee, Alolan Meowth, Alolan Rattata and Rowlet. Eevee starts with its special Z-Move. After gaining stat boosts, it uses Baton Pass to Alolan Exeggutor!

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  • Pulzerising Pancake, the special Z-Move for Snorlax, was attempted, but it failed. It may have targeted an opponent that fainted earlier that turn…
  • Pikachu tries a Z-Move. Snorlax then knocks it out in one hit after withstanding an attack from the Alolan Exeggutor.
  • Player 4 ends up winning. They had the best record of Pokémon remaining and opponents KO’d.

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What do you think of the information in the stream? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Blue for some info!