Ultra Beasts Confirmed Catchable by Nintendo

Nintendo reveals that Ultra Beasts are just another type of Pokemon after all; players will be able to use them on their teams in-game!

With the reveal of Ultra Beasts on the September 6th trailer, many fans have been wondering what category these creatures fall under. Are they Pokémon, or are they something else? If they are the former, do they count as Legendary Pokémon? Because of the ambiguity regarding their existence, many fans have even been wondering if they are able to be captured and used.

While the uncovering of shiny sprites for the Ultra Beasts in the datamining of the Sun & Moon demo points to these Ultra Beasts likely being catchable, Nintendo itself confirmed to another news site, Polygon, that players will be able to catch Ultra Beasts for themselves.

Which Ultra Beast are you most excited to use? What Typing do you think they will have?

Source: Polygon.