Bikes and HMs gone in Sun and Moon

Two more staples of the series seem to be gone! The Move Deleter has made Pokemon forget HMs permanently, and Tauros probably ran over your bike too.

More datamining of the Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo has continued since it released worldwide yesterday. Just recently we heard news from YouTube user Kaphotics on the following (warning – other spoilers are within the same video):

  • There are no HMs (Hidden Moves – e.g. Rock Smash).
  • There is no data for any bikes in the Demo.

There are still 100 TMs in the game. For lovers of certain HMs (namely Surf), there is hope – Surf, Waterfall and Fly are now TMs. The others are no longer available.

The Move Deleter is now less useful...
The Move Deleter is now less useful…

As for no bikes – this claim is based on the fact that data for bikes in previous games has been ‘stubbed’. This too is a classic feature from the first generation games.

These removals do make sense. Rideable Pokémon replaces the need to use a bike – a Tauros gets you around fast. Tauros can also break those Rocks, while we also know you can ride Pokémon to go in the water.

What do you think of these latest omissions?

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