New Sun & Moon Features: Festival Plaza, Poké Pelago, and Pokémon Global Link

Festival Plaza, Poké Pelago and a new Pokémon Global Link – Pokémon Sun & Moon are sure getting some exciting new features!

Today’s Pokémon Sun & Moon trailers showcased two new features coming to the games – Festival Plaza and Poké Pelago – as well as offering us a deeper insight into the new Pokémon Global Link.

Festival Plaza


Festival Plaza brings a whole new level of connectivity to Pokémon Sun and Moon, providing you with a way to connect with players from around the world over the Internet. Festival Plaza is described as the place where the festivities never stop, and a place where Pokémon Trainers from across the world come to mingle.

Festival Plaza is the place to battle and trade with trainers across the world!

Festival Plaza is the hub for global battling and trading. It is also the location of the new Pokémon Global Link. Accessing the Pokémon Global Link also allows you to change the theme of your Festival Plaza.

In a recent trailer showcasing trainer customisation, Festival Coins were revealed. In today’s trailer, we see that Festival Coins can be collected and spent in Festival Plaza. They can be earnt by talking to people and completing their requests, and spent on things such as items, dye for clothes, and bouncy houses in which you can train your Pokémon.

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The more Festival Coins you collect, the more your Festival Plaza’s rank will increase! A higher rank will unlock more features within your Festival Plaza.

One such feature is the ability to host missions, which you gain as your Festival Plaza’s rank increases. These missions involve you connecting with other players via local wireless or the Internet to accomplish a certain goal together, such as catching a certain amount of Pokémon.

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The first global mission!
The first global mission!

The US website also hints that global missions will be held, open to all Pokémon Sun and Moon players from across the world, where all players will work together to achieve a goal.

The first global mission will be a “Catch a lot of Pokémon!” mission, going live late in November. This mission will have rewards regardless of the species of Pokémon you catch.

In the trailer, we find out that Captain Sophocles is also the Festival Plaza Owner, and welcomes you to the Festival Plaza.

Not only is he an Electric-type Trainer, he's also the Festival Plaza Owner!
Not only is he an Electric-type Trainer, he’s also the Festival Plaza Owner!

With its assortment of shops, activities, and visitors, as well as its level of connectivity, the Festival Plaza seems to draw inspiration from the Join Avenue of Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2.

Poké Pelago

Pokémon Sun and Moon are finally answering the age-old question of what Pokémon actually do when they’re placed in the PC Boxes. Poké Pelago is a variety of isles where Pokémon placed in Boxes can explore and enjoy activities such as playing on athletic equipment.

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Through sending more Pokémon to Poké Pelago, you can develop facilities on your isles, as well as new types of isles as well. As you continue to develop isles, you will be able to raise your Pokémon and collect items through Poké Pelago.

It’s a shame none of these passers-by want to join my team!

Wild Pokémon will visit Isle Abeens, the isle which is available to visit from the start. Some of these Pokémon may choose to join your party! This is indicated by a heart icon above the Pokémon’s head.

We are also seen the player obtaining evolutionary stones on Isle Aphun, an isle that can only be accessed after you develop it through placing many Pokémon in Poké Pelago.

Rare stones found on Isle Ayphun!
Rare stones found on Isle Aphun!

Isle Evelup is another isle you access over time, in which you can leave your Pokémon for training, and give drinks to your Pokémon to raise their stats.

Pokémon Global Link

The new Pokémon Global Link will be reopening on November 18th, to coincide with the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon. With the update come a few new functions and types of battles!

Rating Battles

This function allows you to battle with trainers across the world in one of four battle rules: Single, Double, Special, and the newly added Championships Battle format.

The Special format will feature a different set of special rules each season. In Season 1, from November 18, you’ll be able to battle in Single Battle format using Pokémon that are banned from battling under other rules, such as Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, and Ash-Greninja.

The new Championship Battles format allows you to battle year-round using the official Pokémon World Championships rules.

The main rules of the Pokémon World Championships Series 2017 are listed on the US Pokémon Sun & Moon website as:

  • Double Battle format is limited to Pokémon that appear in the Alola Region Pokédex (excluding some Legendary and Mythical Pokémon).
  • Use of Mega Stones is not allowed.
  • Only Pokémon that can be obtained in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon may be entered.

“Your Time” System

“Your Time” is a battle time setting being introduced. In this system, each player has a maximum of 60 seconds each turn to select their move or Pokémon, and they also have 10 minutes of “Your Time”. If a player runs out of their 10 minutes of “Your Time” before the battle is over, the player will still lose the battle.

QR Rental Teams

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, you will be able to register up to six Battle Teams – teams that contain up to six Pokémon that you use frequently. You can register the same Pokémon to multiple Battle Teams simultaneously.

QR Rental Teams!
QR Rental Teams!

You will then be able to publicly share your Battle Team and use other players’ Battle Teams, by scanning in their QR Code patterns from the Global Link. You will be able to use these rental teams in Link Battles and certain Rating Battles!


We’ve certainly had a busy day learning about Festival Plaza, Poké Pelago, and additions to the Pokémon Global Link. Which feature are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments, or watch the latest trailer for another look at these new features!

Edited by bobandbill and Jake.