[Updated] UB-02 offical art, images, names released

We learn more about both forms of UB-02. More news coming on the 20th September.

The Pokémon Sun and Moon September news wave continues without pause, with official artwork for UB-02 revealed today. UPDATE: We now have the trailer, released some hours after the official Japanese website updated. This gives us the English names of the forms – UB-02 Beauty and UB-02 Absorption.

The Japanese Sun and Moon website updated with images and information on the Ultra Beasts UB-01 and UB-02.

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We learn from the Pokédex entries given on the website that UB-02 Absorption is covered in muscle, and has a very powerful punch. We also learn that its long mouth is supposedly harder than diamond.

UB-02 Beauty meanwhile makes Pokémon that look upon it become calm and lose all hostility, regardless of their gender. Its appearance may have some hypnotic effect. Furthermore, it also has very quick movement with its legs, able to avoid even lightning strikes.

More images are below as well (also from the official Japanese website). They appear to feature in the story and show up via a portal, like UB-01 does. And they fight Tapu Koko, the island guardian! Pokémon Sun has the Absorption form fighting, and Moon has the Beauty form.

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More Sun and Moon news will come out on the 20th September, again at 22:00 JST.

What do you make of UB-02 now we have more images and information about the pair? What is their important to the Sun and Moon story? And why do each Ultra Beast come out of a portal?

Edited by Charlie Brown.