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Artist personifies Gen 1, Gen 2 Pokémon into humans

Pokémon are humanized by this amazing Ginjinka artist.

Art mediums can go in many directions. Sometimes it will adopt a realistic approach by taking on human characteristics, other times it will be fairly abstract and allow the viewer to create their own interpretation. In the case of the art displayed within this article, this particular artist has taken the former approach.

Korean-American artist Tamtamdi has been hard at work creating Pokémon Gijinka art, which is the Japanese term for humanizing non-human entities into human characters, for Generation 1 and Generation 2 Pokémon. It took him nine months to complete Generation 1 and six months to complete Generation 2. They are currently working on Generation 3 and as to this post has gotten all the way up to Linoone (#264 in the Pokédex.)

Here are just a few of the artist’s creations:



beedrill arcanine mareep



All art displayed in this article is credited solely to Tamtamdi. To view more of the artist’s work, visit these links below. Was your favorite Pokémon made? Which piece of art do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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