CoroCoro reveals new Pokémon and forms [Updated]

Scans of the CoroCoro magazine have revealed new Pokémon and forms. We also get to see a peek of the antagonistic team of the region.

This month’s edition of the Japanese CoroCoro magazine has leaked and brings us new Pokémon, as well as new forms of a couple of Pokémon from the first generation.



The small sandcastle is called Sunabaa in Japanese and it evolves into Shirodesuna. Both of them are Ghost/Ground types. Sunabaa is a grudge, dwelling inside a pile of sand, which has turned it into a Pokémon. Shirodesuna then steals the life force from other Pokémon, whose grudges will turn into new Sunabaa.

Bewear is revealed to be an evolution of Nuikoguma and is, like Bewear, a Normal/Fighting type. People, mainly women and children, are very eager to see this Pokémon. In fact, Nuikoguma tops the list of Pokémon people would like to meet. It hates being touched and will kick struggle to resist, very powerful as it is even in its basic stage.

The fish Pokémon Yowashi is a Water type. Its ability lets it change from its Single Form to its School Form, a larger, more intimidating fish that seems to be made out of multiple smaller fish.

This page also shows us the bird Oricorio and its four forms, which were revealed earlier in a video on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.


This issue of this month also reveals us new Alolan forms. Next to the Grass/Dragon Exeggutor, we see Alolan Meowth and Alolan Marowak. It is stated that Alolan Meowth was developed after being bred by the royal family of the Alola region, turning it into a Dark type. Alolan Marowak has become a Fire/Ghost type in order to resist its natural predators. The type is possibly a reference to the Marowak ghost of Lavender Town in the Kanto games.


We are introduced to the antagonists of Alola: Team Skull. This organisation is lead by a man called Guzma. The girl is called Plumeri.

Next month’s issue will reveal more information on the upcoming Pokémon games and is promised to contain a poster of Rockruff’s “secret evolution”. Stay tuned!

You can also check out the news on PokéCommunity’s YouTube channel:

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