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Eevee Fanworks

Check out a series of fanworks featuring Eevee by an array of PokéCommunity members!

Rounding out our articles focusing on all things Eevee, we have a series of fanworks for your enjoyment that including the little fluffball! All of these come from members of the PokéCommunity forums – follow the links for the original threads they hail from, and check out more by these talented folk!

Digital Art

By Arylett Charnoa

By Arylett Charnoa.

A shiny Eevee considers her options for evolution. Find more art by Arylett Charnoa here.

Eevee Lineart

By BT.

BT has an ambitious Pokémon Lineart project, where he is on the way to creating art for every first generation Pokémon! Check out the progress here.

Sylveon and Eevee
By fairy

By Fairy.

It’s as if this cute Sylveon is keeping the trio of Eevee under wraps. Check out further art by fairy here, as well as our interview with her.

Gary and Eevee
By mister2lua

By Mister2lua.

Lineart of the classic rival/Gym Leader with the cute starter from Yellow. Check out more trainer and Pokémon art by mister2lua here.

By Magistrum

By Magistrum.

What if the Eevee line were more like butterflies? Well, things may be as colourful as this artwork! Check out more art by Magistrum here.

Eevee Jumbo TCG Card


A self-created Eevee with a TCG Card to match! Check out KKN’s Art Gallery collection, and his custom TCG cards thread for more of those.

Eevee by Signpost
By Sylphiel


By Sylphiel.

This art piece was created for our very first article about Eevee! See more work by one of our Daily artists in Sylphiel here.

Traditional Art

Hand-drawn Eevee
By Merlin

By Merlin.

A hand-drawn piece by Merlin, including a Leppa Berry next to the main subject in Eevee. You can find more art by him here.

Written Stories

The Dusk Brawler
By Bardothren

Samuel Milone, a gifted and narcissistic student of Pokémon studies struggling to acquire the funds he needs for a college education, turns to the seedy underbelly of the city’s brawling rings.

Samuel Milone always loved pencils. He hated the feel of them in his hand, the wood shavings left in his sharpener, the broken black tips scattered across his tidy desk, and the rasp of graphite on paper. What made him buy them by the carton were the erasers. All it took was a bit of rubbing to remove every trace of your mistakes. So few things in life worked the same way.
Not that I ever make that many mistakes Sam reflected as he rubbed a lopsided t out of his book report. He picked up the papers and swept up the stray graphite bits into the garbage can, then he stretched, keeping his arms crossed behind his head as his shoulders flexed.
Sam’s room had one large window over the bed. Black curtains hung from a stainless steel rod over the window, but they were thrown aside, letting sunlight flood the room. Wooden shelves stuck out from the walls, holding small, shiny trophies, leafy plants in lumpy clay pots, and grooming supplies. On the highest shelf, which nearly touched the ceiling, were three brightly colored stones. Two ferns flanked Sam’s wooden desk, which held only a desk lamp, a sharpener, fresh notebooks, a jar of lumpy brown snacks, and a cup full of pencils. His room had two beds: a wooden frame twin-size bed with black sheets, wavy blue stripes, and two black pillows. A wooden nightstand with a radio clock sat next to it. On the other side of Sam’s bed was a black cushion with a dip in the center.
“Vee!” his eevee yipped as it squirmed in his lap.

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Rivers and Waterfalls
By Delirious Absol

Comedy Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) style oneshot. Del the Oshawott and her friends try to rescue Jimmy the Snivy from the clutches of a speeding river in a (rather messy) display of teamwork. Kiki, an Eevee, features in this tale.

“You know, I still don’t understand why they’re sending us on this mission.”
Jimmy crossed his arms and trudged on ahead of his Oshawott friend.
Del sighed and shook her head at the Snivy, peering down once again at the request form. It was scrawled in Pika’s odd paw-writing, requesting the gathering of as many cheri berries as their small team could find. Oddly enough they weren’t the only team sent out to gather rather specific berries.
“I mean, doesn’t Rexi normally gather these berries?” Jimmy went on. “He’s the chef and all. I just assumed he went out and got them himself.”
“Oh stop complaining, Leaf Butt!”

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Pokémon X & Y A Different Story
By CatBountieHunter

The story is a rewrite of the anime, with a few tweaks and additions to make it more interesting, particularly for older generation of PokeFans. This is a work-in-progress story that features Eevee and its Eeveelutions.

A beautiful day it is, as Ash and the gang are getting ready to leave Coumarine City and head for Lumiose City; where Ash will battle Clemont for the Voltage badge. Though before they leave they decide to have breakfast in the park.
“Hey Clemont is it ready yet?” Ash complained.
“Pika,” Pikachu groaned.
“Yeah I am hungry,” Bonnie agreed.
“Well I am almost done, just a few more minutes,” Clemont answered.

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Do you know of any other fanworks involving Eevee that deserve a shout-out? If so, let us know in the comments!