PokéCommunity Daily liveblogs the E3 “Pokémon Special” [Ended]

(Update: Ended. Nothing of interest was revealed.) “Pokémon Special” starts at 7 AM Pacific, and Daily will be liveblogging each detail as it comes! Check out the live stream here!

Update: The event (and liveblog) are done! Check out the log of highlights from the Japanese special — where only one small detail with Masuda was actually revealed. Catch us next time!

Hold on tight, Daily readers! We’ll be liveblogging the “Pokémon Special” E3 event. Be sure to leave comments in the feed too — you’ll need to register first at LiveBlog24.

At 11 PM in Japan new information for Pokémon Sun/Moon and Pokémon Go will be announced! It will be emceed by Famitsu Editor Kotsuhiko Hayashi as well as special guest Jun’ichi Masuda.

The event will start at 7 AM Pacific, 10 AM Eastern, 3 PM London and Thursday midnight in Melbourne/Sydney.

It’s currently unknown if it’s taking place via Nintendo of America’s E3 Twitch stream, but will be streamed in Japan through Nicovideo. Links to come.

Don’t miss the fun and excitement for the announcement — you can join us at the text and voice chat and share the excitement at our Discord server’s #e3 channel!