Part II: The Chapters of Unova

For the anniversary of the release of Pokémon Black and White, we continue our tribute to the games. Part II focuses on the main storyline and its synthesis of narrative and gameplay.

The Mascot Legendary is… Obtained?

Back at Nacrene City, both Junipers, Bianca, Alder, and Lenora have gathered in front of the museum. It seems the stone the museum has housed, which was indeed originally found at the Desert Resort, is the stone you’re looking for! Cedric explains that the Dragonspiral Tower contains elements linking it to the same era as the missing stone, which Juniper further investigated. Your connections made throughout your adventure continue to provide incredible benefits as the stone is discovered and bestowed upon you. Using it, you will protect the future for people and Pokémon, either the true future, or the ideal one—although it’s actually both. The future where people and Pokémon continue to thrive together is undoubtedly true, as well as perfectly ideal.

Once you have the stone, Cedric wonders aloud how to awaken the dragon slumbering within. Lenora and Alder then remember “those two.” He tells you to go to Opelucid City, where the Dragon-type specialist Gym Leader could know something. Alder goes on ahead, while Juniper and her father head back to her lab to conduct further research on the Dragon-type Pokémon within your stone.

Like other Pokémon games, the player has indeed received their game-specific, story-driven legendary Pokémon before the final badge. But this time, the story is far from over—the legendary is in your possession but has not yet chosen you as its hero. And as if there wasn’t already enough reason to complete the Gym Challenge and tackle the Pokémon League, the final Gym Leader may have the information you need to awaken your legendary Pokémon. Far from the main conflict ending before the eighth badge like in other games, tensions only continue to rise.

You now head onto Tubeline Bridge, that shakes and jingles with the sounds of trains passing underfoot. But just at the end of the bridge, waiting patiently, unnervingly for you to approach… is Ghetsis! As he comes clear into view, you’re stopped by his three shadows. They propel you forward, then dissipate and cast themselves behind their body. Ghetsis congratulates you for finding the missing stone, and proceeds to explain that it’s N’s wish “that the two holders of the legendary Pokémon should put their beliefs on the line and strive to find which is the true hero.” He walks back and forth, as if he were speaking to a large crowd. Ghetsis explains that this battle isn’t necessary because Ghetsis has “educated” N since his infancy “to become the hero of legend.”

“The liberation of Pokémon of which I… Of which Team Plasma speaks is the separation of Pokémon from foolish people!” This is the second time Ghetsis has stumbled over his words, but it matters not—it’s more than clear now what Ghetsis wants, and what he wants is not at all what N seeks.

“That’s the truth! All Trainers will become helpless to resist us! We alone will be able to use Pokémon! The preparations are complete! When my perfect plan is set in motion, first a few gullible Pokémon Trainers who are unable to resist Team Plasma will release their Pokémon. Then that number will become a hundred, then a thousand… In no time, even the Gym Leaders and the Champion will become unable to fight us. Having a Pokémon will be considered a bad thing! Even people like the sad little Bianca, whose Pokémon was stolen in Castelia, will be unable to face public opinion and will release their Pokémon! That’s the kind of world we’ll make!”

All of Team Plasma’s schemes are coming together—through defeating the Champion alongside the legendary dragon, some people will naturally follow N’s orders to release their Pokémon right away. Over time, as more and more people follow suit, the public perception will be forced to change as only a few people will be left with their Pokémon. We are, after all, affected by those around us, both for better, as evidenced by the Gym Leaders and Juniper assisting Bianca and yourself… and for worse, as Ghetsis knows will happen if N were to succeed.

Ghetsis steps forward to speak directly into your face: “You may have the Stone, but there’s no chance whatsoever that the legendary Pokémon will accept you as the hero. So, if you’re not willing to hand over your precious Pokémon, I suggest you search for some courage— because you’re going to need it!” He and his shadows then take their leave. It is abundantly clear now: Ghetsis himself has admitted that he has groomed N since his childhood and thus he cannot see Ghetsis’s devious plan for what it is. N is playing right into his trap, and Ghetsis thinks so lowly of you—or highly of himself, or perhaps a mix of both—to tell you blatantly what he intends to do rather than hide in safety while N enacts his plan. Team Plasma will retain their Pokémon while everyone else releases theirs, which is clearly laced with evil intentions. Just as in his cruel conversation with Alder, Ghetsis thinks it will be enough to get you to give up by claiming the legendary will not side with you. But you must prove him wrong—for the sake of the future of people and Pokémon.