A Pokémon Pinball title was planned for the DS

The spinoff title that never was, revealed by recent leaks. Some beta names for generation four characters and Pokémon have also been found.

Major leaks from Nintendo have sprung up again recently, and the findings also included a curious snippet about a long forgotten Pokémon spinoff series. A listing for Pokémon Pinball for the Nintendo DS was spotted, slated for a September 2006 release. The game was to have WiFi support, but evidentally was dropped.

Who would have made the title? While the released Pokémon Pinball games were made by Jupiter Corporation, this canned title’s developer is listed as Fuse. This is likely Fuse Games Limited, who made three Pinball titles, two for the Nintendo DS.

Among that news were a few other small details from main series Pokémon title betas, such as an alternate name for Barry (Ruben) and for Dawn (Alissa or Lucy), and some beautiful beta English names for the Sinnoh Starters: Sproutle, Scorchimp, and Ploopil. A Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! beta build has also been uploaded.

Would you like to see a new Pokémon Pinball title release for the Nintendo Switch, much like how New Pokémon Snap revived a fan-favourite title several console generations later?

Edited by Rabinov.